3 Zodiac Signs Learn Something From Past Relationship Problems On November 1

Learning from one's mistakes is a lot easier we think.

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November 1, 2023, brings us an epic transit, Moon trine Saturn, and what this astrological event can do for us is that it can rearrange the way we think about the past, the present and the future. Because it is the end of the year, we're at the place where we are going over the events of the year. We're weighing their worth and asking ourselves what has value and what needs to be put on the shelf.


This is the perfect time and the perfect season for learning from the mistakes we know we've made in past relationships. It's all becoming very clear to us, and if we are one of the three zodiac signs mentioned here today, then we will see that learning from one's mistakes is a lot easier than we might have thought.



If something didn't work for us, we know now that there is no point in forcing it to work. That only ensures that we get nowhere and that we find new ways to mess something up. We're not here to learn how to ruin things further, and when it comes to love, we really and very sincerely want peace and happiness. It's time to go over what went wrong and take that knowledge as a lesson for the future.


The three zodiac signs learn from their past relationship problems on November 1:

1. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

The last thing you ever want to think of yourself as is a fool, let alone somebody's fool. You feel as though you've put in enough time trying to improve yourself in body, mind and spirit, and so much of this has come from your ability to overcome obstacles and learn from your previous mistakes. Love has taught you the hard way, and if you've suffered, then you know you don't want to make the same moves that put you in that wrong place again.

During the transit of Moon trine Saturn on November 1, 2023, you are going to get a very clear picture of what you did wrong during this year and what you plan on doing with that information so that you can make it right from here on out. Love has given you a few pointers, and even though those pointers were, um, pointy and painful, you know in your heart that everything has a purpose. So did the pain you endured.

Going forth, you know what's needed in your love life and what must be discarded. If there's one thing for sure, you recognize that mutual respect is high on the list and that if respect isn't part of the deal, then there's no deal. It's that simple. Life has forged you into the person you are today. You are the sum of your experiences, and the past has shown you the way to the future. You are smart and capable of living the life you wish to live in love and peace.


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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You've noticed something happening to you, and you're not that sure you like what you see. What's going on is that you've taken your experience, meaning your love and its losses, and you've become somewhat cold in your attitude toward romance. In your way, you've become extreme, and that's not a very 'middle path' for you. In your life's experience, you've come to see the 'middle path' as the one that works best in a person's life.

Love has turned you into a cold person, and on November 1, during the transit of Moon trine Saturn, you're going to see that this kind of rebellion isn't exactly learning your lesson. In fact, all you've done is create a new set of hardcore lessons to learn from. You want to experience love, but you've come to realize that you can't keep rejecting it if it comes to you. That's not learning the lesson; that's running away from it.


November 1, 2023, stimulates your need to find balance, and with Moon trine Saturn in the sky guiding your actions, you'll be able to accept the idea that it's OK to be vulnerable and open. Being hurt is one thing, but staying hurt is counterproductive. You are a bighearted and open person, so don't give yourself less than you deserve. Open to life and love again, Sagittarius. Learn your lesson well.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

There's so much going on in your head on this date, November 1, 2023, that you sometimes wonder if you are ever really free to make the right moves. What this implies is that because there's so much on your plate, you tend to feel overly burdened. If you go back over the times in your life when you made your biggest mistakes, you'll realize that those mistakes were made during times of great pressure. That's when you get your 'ah-ha' moment. During the transit of Moon trine Saturn, you'll see where you went wrong, and you'll know what your next move will be.


Love has always been a mystery to you, and you've never felt like you've mastered it at all. Well, I guess the entire human race feels the same, which is why it's all the more important for us to pay attention to what goes on during our love affairs so that we can weigh the value of our actions. You are able to see that you were responsible for 'this or that' portion of the trouble in your last relationship and that that's what you need to control in your present relationship.

You are learning from your mistakes, and even though it's an ego-burner, there's a thrill in there, and you enjoy the idea that this could actually get better and better for you. As long as you stay conscientious about things, you will more than likely reach success in love. You are mature and even-keeled now. You've grown so much, and what you put your mind to creates success, even in love.

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