These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Likely To Experience The Best Horoscopes The First Week Of November

It's the perfect time to find yourself!

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The energy this week between October 30 - November 5, 2023, is really excellent! Especially for engaging with the people who mean the most to you and fill your heart with joy. Of course, three zodiac signs — Capricorn, Aries and Virgo — stand to benefit the most from these blessings. There's something here for the rest of the zodiac signs, too.

First of all, the Sun in Scorpio is the main astrological benefactor of this week. With Mars conjunct Mercury in Scorpio adding weight to the energy, the focus is on being proactive rather than contemplative. Take charge of your dreams, make plans, seek out advice from those who have done something similar and more. Opportunities lie in wait for you in places you may not think to look first. Your frenemy may surprise you, too, by dropping a hint!




Since the energy is so Scorpionic, make sure you move with precision while keeping your intuitive feelers on alert. Half-truths can become lies if the impression conveyed misleads the receiver. Don't let that be you. If you feel hidden powers coming to the surface, don't strike it off as a flight of fancy. Scorpio season often reveals dormant psychic abilities in people.


If you feel called to, find some time in the evenings over the next few days to journal about the intuitive hits you receive from the people you interact with. Do you think they left something unspoken? Don't let your logical mind laugh anything off the table. Compile your observations and you will soon start noticing more things as your senses sharpen. Now, let's focus on the three zodiac signs with the best weekly horoscopes for October 30 - November 5.

Three zodiac signs with the best weekly horoscopes for October 30 - November 5, 2023:

1. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, your manifestation abilities are peaking at this time. This week will be no different! So, if you haven't taken advantage of this turn of fate to bring your deepest desires to life, what are you waiting for? Candles, semi-precious gems and even bonfires will help you greatly in this regard. Just make sure to channel this energy into intentions that stand for your highest good, or you may regret your youthful folly when the bus moves on, leaving you with things and connections you actually don't want.

With Jupiter retrograde in Taurus and Venus in Virgo showing up as your astrological benefactors this week, you are being asked to pay attention to the small details, which you often delegate to your subordinates or leave up to your superiors. Lessons and epiphanies will find you on such paths. You may even realize something important that leads you to a turning point in your life ... for good.


Also, you will benefit from speaking your mind this week as clearly as you can. Just make sure to approach your conversations and communications with a touch of compassion so you can get your point across more easily. Taking communication classes can be good for some of you, too.

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2. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Aries, the energy this week is simple, sweet and slightly unproductive for you. That's a good thing! Some of you need this break just to breathe and be. The more you allow yourself to relax and engage with this blissful energy, the stronger you will feel next week. Some of you may even find yourself tinkering with old hobbies and games that bring your soul joy. Sharing the experience with your friends and family will invite more fun your way, too!


North Node in Aries is, by default, your primary benefactor at this time. The secondary one today is Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio. If you are open to the lessons the universe wants to help you learn, you will realize why Aries and Scorpio (a fire and water sign) share a planetary ruler — Mars. It's because advancing in life is not always about obliterating the obstacles on your way. Sometimes, it's better to conserve resources and take the path of lesser resistance, even if those paths have a few obstacles, too.

If you feel called to, meditate on this message this week (or journal about it) to allow your subconscious mind to add its two-pence. Your soul is wiser than you think.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


Virgo, the cosmic forces are firmly on your side this week, especially in matters related to your career and personal finances. Take advantage of this blessing to really narrow down what you want for your future and how much wealth you wish to accumulate. You may even find opportunities to increase your worth or be more sought after in your career.

With Sun in Scorpio opposite Jupiter retrograde in Taurus showing up as your primary astrological influence this week, you will benefit from striking a balance between stepping out of your comfort zone, one foot at a time and sticking to the conventional paths that have proven to stand the test of time. Venus in Virgo can help you apply this wisdom to your love life, too, especially if you feel every person you have dated so far is a copy-paste template of each other.

If you feel called to, explore the world of gardening or green witchcraft at this time. The latter combines gardening with manifestation techniques to help with the law of attraction. Reading books on the subject or watching a few videos can give you some idea, too. Who knows? You may have a dormant ability you don't know of.


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