This Week's Luckiest 5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Beginning October 23, 2023

A spring in the steps is in store for these Chinese zodiac signs.

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Luck can sometimes find us while we are strolling unmindfully down a road. Other times, luck finds us when we speak our hearts out in a way that makes us feel vulnerable yet makes us strong. This week's energy, between October 23 - 29, 2023, calls on us to lean into this divine blessing. Five Chinese zodiac signs — Dog, Horse, Pig, Rooster and Rabbit — stand to benefit the most if they choose to do so.


THIS WEEK, the I Ching hexagram of luck is Earth over Mountain (#15). It's here to remind us that even mighty mountains are worn away by the relentless waves of the ocean and lashes of rain and hail. Luck is not found in discovering a coal mine and deluding oneself that it will last forever. The joy of discovering new paths and learning new things can often bring new luck into our lives.



So, if you have been thinking of learning something new or changing something about yourself and your beliefs, now's the time to find courage within and go for it. Some of you will find this on your quest to find true love. Others of you will experience this when you decide to understand the world's mysteries and separate yourself from the herd that only wishes to live superficially. Now, let's focus on the five Chinese zodiac signs that are the luckiest this week.


Five Chinese zodiac signs luckiest this week of October 23 - 29, 2023:

1. Dog: Lottery Luck

Dog, your luck this week is as conventional as the dictionary meaning of "luck." Whether you discover it while playing Bingo with your neighborhood aunties and uncles or trying to trick someone around a poker table, your luck will help you win big this week. Just keep your head out of the clouds and your mind sharp so you can pay attention when luck nudges your intuition.

If you have a bad history of gambling, you can still benefit from this luck by participating in raffles and giveaways. Small-town competitions that are organized more for fun fall in this category, too. The color yellow will be a lucky charm for you this week.

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2. HorseLuck of the hard worker

Horse, there's a famous saying about luck and how it favors those who help themselves. This week, your luck is closely aligned with that saying. So don't be surprised if your hard work brings in beautiful fruits this week or opens new doors for you. Sometimes, to seize luck, one needs to put oneself in spaces where that luck hides in plain sight.


If you feel called, do a white candle ritual this week to maximize the blessings here. You can direct your luck to bring your desires to you instead of letting it bring you happiness in general that loses meaning within a day. Ensure you don't squander your luck by bragging about it to anyone!

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3. PigCunning luck

Pig, have you watched The Vampire Diaries? Weirdly enough, your luck this week refers to a term within that TV universe. It's called "the cunning". It refers to an inner knowing or latent power that can help one accomplish extraordinary feats. Some of you have something special hiding within yourself that luck will help you unravel this week only if you want to and are not scared.

You can meditate with a piece of amethyst held to help you. Using frankincense candles or incense will help amplify this intention even more. You can write down your impressions in a journal after you meditate and try to figure out the secret over the next few days.


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4. RoosterBeginner's luck

Rooster, this week's luck is firmly rooted in adventures and decisions that put you out of your comfort zone. There's a caveat. If anyone tries to manipulate you into doing something, luck won't favor you. If you embark on a new journey or try something new, your luck will shine and flourish like you have never experienced before.

Some of you will benefit from adding purple to your outfits this week, whether through an amethyst bracelet, a purple belt or even a pair of purple shoes. Purple flowers on your word desk can also bring this energy to you. So will objects that have motifs of the Sun on them.

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5. Rabbit: Money in the bag

Rabbit, your luck this week is strictly financial. I don't have too many expectations from it. For some of you, this luck will bring you an early payday. For others, you will score some extra cash from your elders or loved ones during a family gathering. You may even find money lying on the street one day. Just make sure it's unattached cash or coins. Because if you find a wallet, it would be better to return it to the owner lest you attract the attention of their spirit guides to yourself.

If you feel called to, work with clear quartz, citrine, topaz or smokey quartz this week to help you with your manifestations and grounding rituals. Luck will also bless you in those quarters, although you will notice the benefits much later this year or even in 2024.

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