October 30, 2023 Horoscopes May Feel Difficult For 3 Zodiac Signs

Being a responsible adult can be hard sometimes.

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As October draws to its close (tomorrow), there might be moments for us, here or there, when we start to feel what we could call 'the holiday spirit' creeping in. However, it's not really the feeling of merrymaking or happiness that consumes us today. It's more along the lines of us wanting to be brats.

Yes, it happens to adults. Now and then, the pressure of being a responsible adult gets to a person and we want to rebel. During the transit of Moon square Saturn, rebellion is exactly what three zodiac signs will be feeling. October 30, 2023, has us desiring to be a little rowdy and perhaps even a little disrespectful.




Saturn energy is always there to remind us of the law and our limitations, and honestly, that's why we want to rebel on this day. It's not to say we WILL rebel; we simply want to, and that could cause us frustration.

We leave this October feeling as though we should have done more and that we should 'have' more by now. Whereas we might have it all in every department, the transit of Moon square Saturn lets us think we are still in need, still lacking.


Horoscopes are difficult for three zodiac signs on October 30, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You really don't want to be the person who continuously bemoans their fate, publicly, on this day, but here you are, Cancer ... not 'feeling it. You get it into your mind on this day that all the partying and glory that you want to be a part of is something you no longer fit into, and the comparison game really rules your day. On October 30, 2023, you may be thinking that you'd like to go to a Halloween party dressed as 'this' only to think that you'd look ridiculous dressed that way.

So, during the transit of Moon square Saturn, you'll have thoughts that continuously contradict your first thought. Self-doubt will creep in at all the wrong times, so much so that you'll start to give up before you even indulge in positive thinking. This really makes the whole day a bummer for you, but the thing is, you can't help it. You'd like to help it, but you continuously see your limitations.

You'll find that Moon square Saturn does another annoying thing to your mind: it reminds you of those limitations in obnoxious ways. For instance, you may think that there's a 'certain something' to look forward to, while your mind steps up and reminds you that, in the past, you failed at that particular 'thing' and that it might be best for you just to sit this one out. Like ... what? Sit November out? You feel torn and disgruntled on October 30, 2023.


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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

It's the end of October and in your head, that means you are in your glory. You love this season, and you adore the chill in the air. You feel it gives you power, although during the transit of Moon square Saturn, you seem to be hitting obstacle after obstacle and you don't like that ... not at all. It's as if your charm isn't doing its work, and the folks in your life that you have come to depend on are simply busy doing their own thing ... without you.

What you might notice going on today is that you start the day with the best and most enthusiastic attitude, and yet nobody around you wants to play. While everybody is entitled to their feelings and moods, you can't help but think it's personal and that it's because nobody wants to be with you. You get it into your mind that you might have done something to offend your friends, and yet, you can't figure out what it is.


You are unable to take this day lightly, and that's what makes it a rough day for you. For some reason, the way that the transit, Moon square Saturn, hits you makes you feel as though everything you think is super important. You place way too much emphasis on ideas that will come to pass within hours and that is when you'll realize how much time you've wasted. Today might totally be dedicated to wasting time and feeling bad for no real reason.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

All you want on October 30, 2023, is to know that the rest of the year is going to go smoothly and that you and the person you are with romantically are going to make it through in one piece. While all that is possible and probable, while the transit Moon square Saturn is in the sky, you will have your doubts and those doubts will eat at you throughout the day. You just can't stop your mind from veering towards the dark side. 


Typical of a Saturn transit, this event will make you feel as though you aren't doing enough and that if you do indeed feel doubtful about your romantic relationship, it's more than likely because you didn't do enough. That's how your mind works. You may be angry with your partner, but there's always room for guilt in your mind, and while you know, they are responsible for some of the damage, in your mind, the rest of it falls on you.

You might even end up arguing with your partner on this day simply because you need to release the pressure you've been bottling up, and what you'll find is that at the heart of the argument is a bunch of pent-up frustration that has no real 'topic.' You are simply frustrated and you need to let it out on October 30, 2023. During Moon square Saturn, you choose to take it out in a lover's spat, which may not make things any better, Capricorn.

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