3 Zodiac Signs Need Change In Their Love Life On October 23, 2023

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Moon square Pluto on October 23, 2023

Ordinarily, having a transit like Moon square Uranus is what is at the heart of our craving for change in our love lives. Still, during the Scorpio season, which starts on this day, October 23, 2023, it's almost as if we get a blast of energy that propels us into obsession. We don't just feel like things need a change. We are obsessed with causing that change.

During this time, three zodiac signs are more willing to go out on a line for the sake of change than others. This means that we are ready to take risks because the change we have in mind is big and needs some serious commitment to back it up. We are doing this with someone; we are not alone. This is not us leaving our partners. This is us employing the hearts and minds of those we love so that we can change ... together.



Scorpio energy is also loyal energy. While Scorpio season is known for its control and passion, it's also known for its ability to bring couples together for the sake of creating power. If we throw Moon square Uranus into the mix, we're looking at how two people can become one force of nature when we have a true meeting of the minds.

Three zodiac signs need change in their love lives on October 23, 2023:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You have known about and recognized the need for change in your romantic life for what feels like ages, but neither of you had the nerve to actually 'be the change' you want to see in your world. That takes guts, and fortunately for you, the Scorpio Sun is here to give you that jolt of nerve. And, with the transit of Moon square Uranus on your side on October 23, 2023, you might see this as your big opportunity. Change beckons and you are not afraid to meet it, Virgo.

You and your partner have noticed that you've both become slugs. Well, that implies that you're both so comfortable being lazy and changing nothing that it's started to become obnoxious. It seems there is a point where you bottom out, and as of October 23, 2023, that day has come ... and so has the impetus for change. You both realize it at the same time, as you are both now officially tired of being slugs. Kiss the slug life goodbye. Moon square Uranus is here.

Moon square Uranus inspires the most hardcore of lazy people to get a move on. Uranus energy doesn't sit around waiting for a miracle. It becomes the miracle, and it will be on this day, along with that jolt of Scorpio vibe, that both you and your partner will come alive. Change is not only coming; it is the stuff that dreams are made of and you, my Virgo friend, are all here for it.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Of all the zodiac signs, you are probably the one zodiac sign that always welcomes the idea of change. It just doesn't scare you in the same way as it does many other zodiac signs. During Moon square Uranus, on October 23, you'll recognize that once again, the winds of change are a-blowin' and that you must do what nature wants you to do. It's time to forge a new path and to do it with the person you love most in the world: your romantic partner.

Life is for the living; that's what you feel, and even though you get stuck just like everyone else does, now and then, you are also open to the knowledge that sometimes one has to unstick oneself. Being that you are with someone who is just as forward-thinking as you are, you'll find that the change you both are heading towards can and most definitely will improve your love life. Who could say no to that? Not you, Sagittarius, not you.

So, you might say that this brings the two of you closer together in the way that two soldiers may find themselves on the battlefield together, watching each other's backs. You don't know what the future holds in store, but you know that if you approach it tougher, then you stand a better chance at shaping it in such a way that you see it. This day is a very good and productive day for you and your partner.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You're at a crossroads when it comes to your romantic relationship. While it pains you to think that this could be the ending, you aren't ready just yet to give up the ghost. There's still life in this relationship, but the one thing you know for sure is that if you're to revive this thing, then you're both going to have to make the effort together. That's going to require belief and trust in each other. This could go any number of ways, Capricorn.

During the transit of Moon square Uranus on October 23, 2023, you and your partner will feel an overwhelming sadness at the thought that you didn't do enough to create a better life for yourselves. However, this transit, Moon square Uranus, is not content with failure and will instill in your mind the idea that all you need to do to save it is to open to the idea of compromise. Can you do this? Can you accept change as an alternative to breaking up?

Yes, Capricorn, yes, you can, and yes, you will because the energy that radiates off of Moon square Uranus is so strong and so positive that it will kick you right over that failure mindset and into belief and trust once again. This is not hopeless and you cannot drop down to this level. If change is the only that's required, then push aside your pride and your decision that 'all is lost' and make something happen, something good. You can do this ... so ... do it.

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