October 22, 2023 Love Horoscopes Are Luckiest For 3 Zodiac Signs

Laughter is definitely the best medicine today. Smile!

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This is an interesting day mainly because we have a lot of negative energy orbiting around us. Yet, October 22, 2023, seems to bring three zodiac signs a respite from all that could go wrong. That's because the one transit ... Venus trine Jupiter ... is going to kick the butt of all the other transits, which will result in our having a perfect day filled with love, romance and light. Hmm. That worked out.


Venus trine Jupiter. It's so filled with good vibes that if this transit influences us, the love we'll experience on this day, October 22, 2023, is going to be enormous. We are going to be bowled over by it, and ... we're not going to see it coming. Today, we get to find something out about the person we love and admire. Not only is the feeling mutual, but this person is crazy about us.



We feel good today because we know we're loved. For the three zodiac signs that will really get a kick out of the love rush that comes along with Venus trine Jupiter, we're going to feel invincible. That may not be a feeling that lasts, but on this day, October 22, 2023, we're going to milk it for everything it's worth.


Love horoscopes for three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on October 22, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

What you feel today is natural. You feel as though all moves you make are authentic and real. This pleases you because you are the sort of person who really doesn't feel good or right when you act in a way that is either expected or false to your nature. During the transit of Venus trine Jupiter, you will feel good about who you are, who you love, what you do and how you do it. You are one with all things today, and it's a very spiritually gratifying experience.

In love, it's as if the world has just expanded on your behalf. The person that you are involved with feels the same way that you do: open, ready, accepting. Together, you will find that on October 22, 2023, you can both take on new ideas and have something to look forward to. The expansive energy that comes with Jupiter transits really hits home for you. You've needed this, and here it is, presenting itself to you as a promise and hope.

You will also feel safe and secure when it comes to planning big events with your loved one, as you trust they will be there for it all. The days of wondering if you've got a solid relationship are over, as you know that what you have is rock solid and meant to last. Venus trine Jupiter encourages you to believe in what you have and to feel gratitude for being this lucky in love. Easy enough! Gratitude is totally your thing, Taurus.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

What makes you feel so special today is that you can't seem to muster up any anger or negative feelings towards ... anything. You just wake up feeling good and that's mainly because Venus trine Jupiter has its 'eye' on you today, October 22, 2023. You feel good with who you are and that allows you to treat the people in your life with respect and care. When it comes to your romantic partner, well, the sky's the limit here.

Don't be surprised if you take some of that Venus trine Jupiter energy and create something very special for your romantic partner. It's been a while since you've dazzled them with your creative abilities, so if you find yourself making them an extravagant dinner or wowing them with one of your artistic endeavors, just know that they really appreciate the effort you've put in. Nothing goes to waste on this day, October 22, 2023.


You'll see that your compatibility levels are through the roof today, which means, in your case, Libra, that there will be lots of laughs going on. While you love to laugh and share a good joke, you'll find that one of the reasons you are so into your partner is because they are able to crack you up like nobody else can. Laughter is definitely medicine, and on October 22, 2023, during the transit of Venus trine Jupiter, you'll find so much funny ... in all the right ways. Enjoy!

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

It doesn't surprise you all that much that you've been having a decent time in your love life these days, as the end of the year usually puts you in your power place. During the transit of Venus trine Jupiter, it's as if you've been hand-selected by the stars. While you will be sharing this good fortune with millions of other people, you can't help but feel special on this day, October 22, 2023, as everything seems to be going your way.


You've always believed in the Law of Attraction and so you've tried to keep your mind clear so that love can enter your life and become part of what makes you tick. During Venus trine Jupiter, you won't be able to get rid of love, as it follows you everywhere ... not that you'd ever want to be rid of it! October 22, 2023, puts you in the rare position of being the object of someone's desire. It is this person whom you also happen to adore. This makes you happy.

Venus trine Jupiter goes right to the heart of you and inspires you to believe, once again, in the magic of love. You can be cold out of self-protection, it's true. However, this transit reminds you that you are so much more than someone who is constantly defensive. You are a creative of love and you want to receive it as much as you want to give it. Today brings you exactly what you want in love, romance and passion.

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