3 Zodiac Signs Could Have Rough Horoscopes On October 11, 2023

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zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on october 11, 2023

On this day, October 11, 2023, we will have to face something inside of ourselves that may not be as pretty as we'd like it to be, and yet, we can't escape the truth behind this. What's good about is that if we are brave enough to literally stand in front of the mirror and deal with what we see ... inside and out ... we will rise to a new level in our self-awareness.

We are here to learn and grow, but this astrological transit, the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo, lets us know that if we are to win this victory, we will have to go to battle first.

During the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo, we feel 'something is coming.' We know it's good, but it's not quite all there yet, and the uncertainty is what can drive a person mad on this day. Well, we don't need to get archaic with our descriptions — 'mad' is not what we'll be driven by, but we will feel disturbed by the uncertainty and fear of the unknown. For three zodiac signs, October 11, 2023, will bring us into the near-panic zone. We may feel like mad scientists on the verge of a major breakthrough. Yes, dramatic, but still, it comes with passion.



We'll feel we can't get there fast enough for the three zodiac signs, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces, that will react to the transit of the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo. We know something good is coming, but we're not seeing the results right now, which may feel frustrating.

Virgo energy makes us want to know it all right now, and being patient really isn't in our makeup on this day. We'll get there and we're going to have to trust in the universe to deliver us at the right time, to the right place. Trust is key during the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo.

These three zodiac signs could have rough horoscopes on October 11, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

During the Virgo Moon, you feel as though you want to show the person you love just how much you wish to spend your life with them. You want to share so much with this person, and your intentions are filled with love and respect. As the Virgo Moon wanes into fullness, you can't help but feel little bits of doubt creep in, and even though you are doing your best to believe, you can't help but backtrack a little too much on this day, October 11, 2023.

You don't want to pay attention to the dumb things that once went wrong, but you can't help it, and that is because during the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo, you aren't feeling strong enough to believe ... just yet. You know you'll get there and resent your mind for coming up with all these sabotage thoughts. Still, you'll hang on and continue to love your partner. It may not be perfect yet ... but it will be. That's your goal.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You've felt slightly more at ease than usual, especially around your romantic partner. Because you can't help but be YOU, things like doubt and insecurity can't help but arise, and with the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo in the sky, you might even entertain the idea that 'all this is a failure.' Wow, you certainly jump around emotionally, Libra, and on October 11, 2023, you'll get in your way by disbelieving in something you've already sworn yourself to your love life.

Try not to overthink everything today, Libra. Your mind is your enemy at times like this, and during the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo, the only thing that's actually 'wrong' is that your sweet dream hasn't come through yet ... but that's where it's heading, so keep the faith and stick to the plan. You're already on the right track. Don't derail yourself because of sudden and meaningless doubt.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You aren't usually someone who compulsively needs to get something done, but on October 11, 2023, you feel things aren't moving fast enough for you. You've got the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo working your mind so that you believe you're slacking when it comes to your relationship and that by now, you should be seeing 'more' out of it.

You aren't bothering to consider the reality of the situation, though, and if you could back it up a bit, Pisces, you'd be able to see, as a witness, all the good this relationship has brought you. What you want is more-more-more and because you 'feel' the Moon growing to fullness, you can't be happy in the moment. You have a very good life, Pisces and you need to feel gratitude rather than deprivation. You've got it good. Hang on and let nature do the rest. It's all OK.

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