The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Go Back To Their Ex On October 4, 2023

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Going back to the ex, that's a plot twist, right? Or ... is it? The idea of getting back together with someone we've already gone through the motions of breaking up with seems to be almost more than anyone can bear, yet it happens. Couples reunite all the time after long, drawn-out hiatuses of not being with each other.

And on this day, October 4, 2023, we have one of those tricky transits, Moon trine Mars, that plays on our paranoias and fears.

It has us thinking that the only thing we can do about it is to run back into the arms of the person who once loved us. OK, convoluted, but ... it could work. Right? During Moon trine Mars, we must ask ourselves if running back to our ex is right.

Then, after we ignore our better judgment, we will do what our impulse tells us to do: immediately try to get back with that person of the past. Three zodiac signs feel regret over breaking up during Moon trine Mars, and that's the stuff that will lead us into moving backward as if this ex of ours has the answers to all of our questions. Hint: they don't. They're just an ex, not a miracle worker.



Still, we will run, not walk, back into a relationship that ended sourly. And what's interesting is that the ex will open their arms up and take us right back in. It's like a meeting of the minds. Only the minds are blank and unimaginative.

Today, during Moon trine Mars, we forget why we broke up with these exes. We forget the pain we experienced, the animosity that this relationship created, and we simply close our brains off so that we can do it all over again. These three zodiac signs have not learned from their past and will run right back into the open arms of their exes today, October 4, 2023, during Moon trine Mars.

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Three zodiac signs who go back to an ex on October 4, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You wanted to stick with the plan and never return to the person you believe ruined your life, but here you are, reconsidering that plan. During the transit of Moon trine Mars on October 4, 2023, you'll start questioning whether you made the right move by agreeing to separate from your ex-partner. Did you want that, or were you just persuaded into wanting it, as if it were your original thought?

Your ex wanted the relationship over for their reasons, and you never thought the ending came about clearly and completely. You feel there are still loose ends here ... ends that you want to tie up. Today is the day you present the idea to your ex that you are considering a reunion with them. On the other hand, they have completely moved on with their life, much to your surprise.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Returning to your ex was never part of the plan, although you don't know why. This is the person who you spent your best years with. You loved them very much, and you still do, and you have never reconciled the idea that the two of you have gone your separate ways. Why? Why are you not together, working this whole thing out? There are definite reasons, but those reasons now seem unacceptable to you.

During the transit of Moon trine Mars on October 4, 2023, you will reach out to this ex and want a decent and intelligent conversation about getting back together. You may be met with a pleasant and positive response. It may be worthwhile to do this if you want it, Scorpio. Think deeply before acting.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You will have to decide whether you are going back to your ex because they've made you feel so guilt-ridden about leaving them that you have no other choice OR because you want to be with them and them only. On October 4, 2023, you're going to feel lonely. You'll think about the good old days with your romantic partner and forget the nonstop fights and bitter disagreements.

You'll only see that sweet, smiling face in front of your mind's eye and want to run back into their arms as fast as you can. Transit Moon trine Mars has you completely forgetting how miserable you were and why you needed to bolt like lightning away from that person. This is your life, after all, Capricorn, and you will do what you must. Good luck with the reunion.

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