3 Zodiac Signs May Want Love They Can't Have On September 23, 2023

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Let's just face it: today, September 23, 2023, is not going to be one of those days that we just 'accept' for what it is. A lot is happening today, and the lust for life will be particularly high for three zodiac signs. We want a LOT today. We have great desire and thirst for more, and when it comes to love, we aren't taking 'no' for an answer ... which can make things quite ridiculous, especially when the love we want does not want us.

This is how things get when we have an aggressive lunar transit like Moon square Mars. Mars energy can go either way. We can make the most of it and get many things done, or, when that energy is squared, as it is today, we can become big babies who throw adult tantrums ... and who doesn't love a big adult hissy-fit throwing baby?

Today is the day that we get it into our minds that the person we have been crushing on owes us the same reciprocal feeling. We love them, we 'want' them, and if that is how we feel (we, of certain signs), then why shouldn't they automatically feel the same way? We can't figure out why they'd pass up this great love, yet they can, and they do. Why? Well, there are many reasons, and one might very well be that they don't know who we are.



We build these fantasies in our minds that because our feelings are so true and intense, the other person must be 'feeling' them, as how could it be any other way? This is how we romanticize our lives.

We fall in love with people we don't know. We assume that we are so intent that we are sending out a beacon that must be responded to ... by that person. Here we are today, with Moon square Mars giving us the heads up that no such thing is happening. Three zodiac signs want love they can't have on September 23, 2023, which angers them to no end!

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Three zodiac signs want love they can't have on September 23, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Because you believe in yourself, you can move mountains with the power of your love. Why would it be any other way, you might think, as your intentions are so noble and good ... if you love someone, it would only be natural for them to love you back. Yet, on September 23, 2023, during the complex and emotional transit of Moon square Mars, you will come to know a truth that will be hard to take: the love you want is not about to love you back. In other words, this love is unrequited.

You deeply feel about a certain person and know that you mean only the best when it comes to them. You convince yourself you are irresistible because who on earth could turn down such love and passion? Well, the cold, hard truth is that ... they could. They could turn it down and end up turning you down, too. So sorry.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Today angers you because you were NOT expecting to hear the news that you will hear today, September 23, 2023. The person you love is not interested. It's that simple. All the emotion and passion you've put into loving them has fallen on deaf ears ... and what can you do? You've got the transit of Moon square Mars influencing how you feel, but you are also frustrated that this is a losing battle.

How on earth did you not succeed at this when all you wanted was to love someone? If only it were that easy. Today brings you a lesson you wish you didn't have to learn, yet it is inescapable. Just because you love and adore someone doesn't mean they must love you back. This is a 'no guarantee' world, and as they say, 'all is fair in love and war.'

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You have diligently made moves to let the person you love know how you feel, and because you have never let up for a minute, you automatically assume that the happy news will come today, although it won't. On September 23, 2023, you will suffer from the effect of great expectations that plummet into major disappointment ... and you will be angry over it.

This anger will be pumped up by the transit, Moon square Mars, making you feel like all your good efforts were for naught. While you may not get what you want out of that effort, you are learning a valuable lesson: not to put all your chickens in one basket, as they say. You are smart enough to know when to stop, and even though you didn't plan on stopping when it comes to loving this person, you will be self-protective today and do what is best for yourself.

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