3 Specific Zodiac Signs Refuse To Change For Love On September 21, 2023

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When we read something like 'we refuse to change for love,' we can't help but wonder what circumstances make us so unbendable. Isn't changing for love something we just ... do? Isn't this whole love thing about compromise in the long run? How on earth would we have a successful long-term relationship without putting in some sort of compromised change? This is where we have to break it down. Yes, we need to change with the times and throughout a relationship, we must roll with those times.

However, on September 21, 2023, we have the transit of Moon sextile Mars, and this transit, in particular, will have three zodiac signs contemplating the change that may be required of them. Is this what we want ... or is it NOT?

Moon sextile Mars allows us to determine if the needed change is worth the time and effort. It's not that we are stubborn, but we are compelled to stick with our ideals and principles and having a Mars transit makes that all the more worthwhile when defending that stance. For three zodiac signs, today is a no-brainer: we're not changing. In fact ... we refuse. What's being asked of us is too much, so we're not going along with the plan. Something else has to replace that plan.



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So, September 21, 2023, presents us with a new situation. If we refuse to change, what happens to the relationship? Does it disintegrate, or do our partners change to accommodate our lack of change? This remains to be seen. We know that during the transit of Moon sextile Mars, three zodiac signs will not be on board for the required changes. Next stop ... who knows?

The zodiac signs who refuse to change for love on September 21, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

During the transit of Moon sextile Mars, you won't be in the mood to go along simply because it's asked of you, even if it's your romantic partner who asks the question. You have your ways, and you are pretty much set in them. You feel you give enough and don't want to be asked to provide more when you don't believe you need to. You're not selfish; you're being true to yourself and don't think that needs to be questioned.

So, on September 21, 2023, when your partner asks you to do something for them and rubs you the wrong way, you'll have no problem denying them their wish because you know what's right for you. It's not that you are opposed to change. You are simply opposed to being inauthentic and don't feel your partner has the right to change who you are.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

What bugs you on September 21, 2023, is that your romantic partner isn't satisfied with all you do for them. They keep asking for change, and you keep giving them what they want. However, during the transit of Moon sextile Mars, you'll feel like you're tapped out. Enough is enough. You've compromised yourself to the point where you feel they need to meet you halfway.

You aren't interested in thinking of yourself as the only one who needs to make changes here. What about them? Where is their change, and how come the concept of change is all about YOU and what YOU need to do to make it all 'right?' You no longer believe that it's all up to you, and so when you refuse to change on this day, it's going to be up to them. Are they game? We shall see.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

On September 21, 2023, you and your partner may come together at an impasse during Moon sextile Mars. It's now or never, and if this relationship is going to work, then there has to be some change coming up. Your partner insists you must change, and you see the situation completely differently.

They need to change as you feel you've done your part already. What started as compromise has now morphed into this weird test of stamina. It's as if your partner is testing you to see how much they can manipulate you in the name of change.

You see through their strategy and don't like it. During Moon sextile Mars, you can cut through the bull and see what's happening. You refuse to change because you don't believe it's the change they want. You believe what they want is to 'win,' and that's not something you're ready to give them just yet.

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