3 Zodiac Signs May Experience Conflict In Love On September 16, 2023

Sometimes two people cannot agree about what is best for a relationship.

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On September 16, 2023, we will feel especially proud of our achievements, especially where work and career are concerned. For three zodiac signs, it will be a day of reflection. We will sit back and think over all we've done and we will be happy that we were the person who could do such things.

Today brings us the transit of Moon conjunct Mars, which works for some things but not all things, and one of the areas where this transit doesn't benefit is the area of love. 


We may find that during Moon conjunct Mars, our romantic partners wish for us to either stop what we're doing and pay more attention to them or do something that we wholly do not believe in. In other words, on September 16, 2023, we will be challenged by our partners, and we will not like what they propose.

We know that we are at the height of our professional life. We need to continue with this pace to ensure our success. This is no joke, and what we three zodiac signs feel we need more right now is the support of our romantic partners — not the conflict that they will bring us today, during Moon conjunct Mars.


Perhaps our partners can't deal with the fact that we are success-oriented. Maybe they are jealous that we are loyal to our jobs and want to rock that boat a bit.

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This is the day we need to explain to them that what we do is part of who we are and that we can't change on a whim. We need to continue the way we are. They require change, which doesn't necessarily apply to us. We need their understanding today, not their animosity. These three zodiac signs will experience conflict with their romantic partners on this day.

Three zodiac signs experienced conflict in love on September 16, 2023

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)


You don't want to change for your partner because you don't believe there's any reason for you to change, and in a way, you might be right about that. Sure, change is always a good thing, but you have just started to live your life according to your own rules and regulations and you don't want to be disturbed or thrown off course by the person who says they love you.

It's September 16, 2023, and you have the transit of Moon conjunct Mars backing you up when you tell them that you must live your life your way and that the important things to you must stay. You are unwilling to compromise with your romantic partner during Moon conjunct Mars, mainly because you feel they are taking advantage of you rather than working with you. Right now, you need total support.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)


Compromise always makes you uneasy, especially if you don't believe in the compromise you're being asked to indulge in. On September 16, 2023, during the transit of Moon conjunct Mars, your romantic partner will ask you to change something about yourself or deal with the consequences.

You don't like being threatened and might not take to their brusque request. You feel like all that you've worked for and towards is good and right for you, and you may wonder why, all of a sudden, your partner wants you to switch things up to suit them. Can they not just understand that you have a life, too, and that your needs and desires are just as valid as theirs are? Today brings conflict into the relationship as you feel pressured to be someone you are not.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)


Today puts you in direct conflict with your romantic partner, as Moon conjunct Mars takes the lead and makes you feel undue pressure to be someone you are not for the sake of this person. Your partner wants you to change your ways, and in your mind, your 'ways' bring you success and happiness. So, why are they suddenly so hellbent on having you change yourself if that's the case?

Shouldn't they make the change if they are so displeased? You may bring that up to them on September 16, 2023, as the change they so desperately want to see in you may be the change they need to make within themselves. As for you, you have no intention of changing. Things are working out just fine for you 'as is.' You love your life ... why fix what isn't broken?

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