3 Zodiac Signs Experience Luck In Love On September 16, 2023

Fearlessness pays off today for three special zodiac signs.

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There is no surprise for three lucky-in-love zodiac signs on September 16, 2023, as these people have worked hard for this day. What's so special about today? For starters, we have the transit of Moon sextile Venus, which for lovers, is like a dream come true.

We feel loved are loved today, and the chances for expanding on that love are excellent.

Today is the day we get to say that special 'three-word phrase' to our loved ones, and whatever we say will make them feel exceptionally cared for.


It's nice to make people feel special, and that's what we do for others on September 16, 2023. Moon sextile Venus is the kind of transit that opens the doors to our hearts. We don't see the point in stagnating. We want to say what's on our mind, especially if we have been holding back out of fear.

It's only human to feel moments of fear or trepidation, even with people with love and trust. The idea of being rejected is strong in many of us and for the three zodiac signs highlighted today, it's time to set aside that fear and just go for it. Love cancels fear, as they say, and on this day, during Moon sextile Venus, we'll get to know precisely what that means.


We can expect to feel at ease today, and if there is something we need to go over regarding the future of this romance, we don't need to worry or overthink it. Being impulsive is fun during Moon sextile Venus, and we can trust in the universe with this one — no need to hold back.

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One of the things that three zodiac signs can expect on this day is uninhibited expression, meaning that we are unafraid to show the people we love that we are stark raving bonkers in love with them. This could be a lot of fun if we let ourselves 'go there.' Here's to crazy times, warm hugs, and wonderful kisses! Let's just give love all we have today, zodiac signs!

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on September 16, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)


Fearlessness pays off for you today, Aries, as you get to strut your natural ability to rise above conflict and go after what you want. Success is yours for the taking on this day, September 16, 2023, and in love, you'll see some definite improvements in your romance.

Your relationship has been 'on hold' for a while now. While that doesn't imply anything terrible, it needed an upgrade, as in a good conversation with your partner, one that wouldn't scare either of you away. During the transit of Moon sextile Venus, you and your romantic partner understand that if an issue arises between you, it's best to knock it out sooner rather than later. Lessons learned. It's time to have some fun now, what do you say?

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)


Nothing you enjoy is more than making your romantic partner happy, and when you decide that 'today is their day,' it's a pretty joyous occasion. You are so generous and on September 16, 2023, you will feel like pulling out all the stops. Your partner has made you so happy with all they've done for you and the changes they've made to make you happy that during the transit of Moon sextile Venus, you feel like you owe them a special surprise.

Venus transits are hard to resist, and why should you, especially when everything feels so good right now? You are there to take advantage of the happy feelings and the peaceful attitudes. Nobody is fighting and everyone is in the mood for love and romance on September 16. Cheers to a good day, Leo!

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


When you have a good day, such as the one you'll enjoy today, September 16, 2023, you cherish the moments. If it's good, you don't question it, and during the transit of Moon sextile Venus, it's good. You and your partner have reached a new place in how you communicate. At first, this new approach was difficult for both of you as it was based on total transparency and honesty.

Being totally straightforward has always been easy for you, but not necessarily with the 'kind' stuff. You can be brazen and confrontative, and your partner can be defensive but during Moon sextile Venus, the 'nerve' that backs you both up is the kind that inspires you to say NICE things to each other. That's a first! Today is surprisingly warm and lovely for you, as you'll tell each other all the right things. Nice!

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