The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Day May Bring Unplanned Challenges On September 4, 2023

Jupiter retrograde sets us all back a notch, today.

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A few unplanned challenges may affect three specific zodiac signs on Monday, September 4, 2023. Jupiter takes the award today for 'the universe's biggest show off' as we have Mercury trine Jupiter — a good thing — Moon conjunct Jupiter — a semi-good thing, and Jupiter in retrograde because I guess Jupiters feels as though there's never enough Jupiter, so why not? It's all good with Jupiter, even when Jupiter goes retrograde, as it will today.


It's hard to think of a planet as GINORMOUS as Jupiter 'backtracking' on its orbit, and yet, it does just that when it starts its retrograde cycle. That means that the whole universe is affected by this transit, as well. This affects the psyche so much that Jupiter retrograde may have certain zodiac signs feeling either a lack of confidence on this day or the need to withdraw from something they were about to be involved in.



This is the kind of day when we hesitate to the point where it's noticeable. That also means that if we show someone we are hesitant, like a lover or a work partner, we may also show that we are scared. We may not be scared, but we may come across as if we are fearful, resulting from a retrograding Jupiter. Communications will be messed up today, as we can't find the right words to say to get ourselves out of the mess we'll make for ourselves.


There's a good chance this doesn't affect our love lives, although the tendency for this transit to disrupt our work and business lives is pretty much a shoo-in. Three zodiac signs can expect disorder at the workplace and feeling intimidated by co-workers. Competition is high today, so if we're not feeling it, we won't win it. Stay on your toes today and don't let your momentary feelings of doubt ruin your day ... or your job.

These three zodiac signs experience unplanned challenges on September 4, 2023.

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

With all this gigantic Jupiter energy flowing around you, you might feel exceptionally competitive during this time, Aries. September 4, 2023, makes you feel you need to accomplish more than required to prove to yourself that you can do it. During the first day of Jupiter retrograde, you tend to be very hard on yourself for a variety of reasons and all of them are very personal.

You don't want to share your reasons with others but must let others know that 'you're still standing.' You feel shut out, yet nobody is shutting you out of anything during this time. You are too down on yourself during this period, and on this day, you may try to overdo it just to show others that you are still 'the best.' Your competitive streak shows today, September 4, 2023.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

With a retrograde as large as the one that starts today with Jupiter, you can't help but feel you don't know if you can get through another work day. While you know you are one to snap back and get it together, September 4, 2023, brings out the tired and weary 'worker bee' mentality in you, and honestly, you're just sick of it. You know you'll get over yourself shortly, but today just drags the heck out of you.

Another day, another dollar and if there's gratitude to be felt, you are all out of it. Lack of gratitude puts you in an even deeper funk, as you truly question why you've stayed with this job all these years, only to feel like 'this' on this day. Jupiter retrograde is behind it all, Virgo, and if you hang on, everything will balance itself out shortly. Just get to tomorrow. Get a good night's sleep tonight if you can. It'll be OK.


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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

What you thought would happen by now still hasn't happened, and with Jupiter retrograde at large, it seems as though the waiting game will continue over by you in Capricorn-land. You're relatively patient, so a day like today, September 4, 2023, should put you off too much. However, you just don't want to start entertaining the idea that maybe you're losing steam on this whole thing.


You CAN wait and will wait, but do you want to? Oh no, you don't. You are tired of having your patience tested as if the whole world is laughing at you, which it isn't. You're just tired of being the person who can endure. Sometimes, you just want to be the person who crashes and has a hissy fit, which you won't have today. You'll get by. Sorry to say it, but ... be patient. 

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