The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Pay Attention To Their Horoscopes On August 28, 2023

Are you doing everything wrong, or is it just the way I see things?

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Another rough day? Well, it depends on how we view it, as this day is truly all about perception. They say that perception is everything, which works because if we 'see' something as negative, we tend to build a world around the idea of what we see. Sooner or later, we start to believe that what we see is the truth.

While that sounds about right, it's our 'perception' of the truth rather than anything that is reality-based. All this essentially means is that on August 28, 2023, we will judge something that isn't necessarily 'real.' We will believe what we see, but we may be off base because what we see isn't what's happening.




This is how the transit of a Moon trine to Mars works. It twists our minds and pushes us towards seeing the negative in situations that are not particularly negative. It's as if our minds suddenly need distraction and we go out of our way to find suitable filler material. This could look like misinterpreting someone's facial expression or assuming the worst when nothing happens.


Three zodiac signs are particularly good at this, as if it's almost a talent, and you may recognize this in yourself if your zodiac sign is named. This is the day we go out of our way to find what's wrong with almost everything as if calling it out is our destiny. We will make way too much out of nothing on this day, and during the transit of Moon trine Mars, this is pretty much typical of how it goes down. These are the three zodiac signs that Moon trine Mars loves to toy with the most.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on August 29, 2023:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

When you come across a transit like Moon trine Mars, you almost feel like you want to go to war with everyone and everything that upsets you. On August 28, 2023, everything upsets you. We don't know what comes first, the chicken or the egg, but does it matter? Today has you feeling as though the people in your life are not matching up to your expectations of them.

You want more from them, more love, more money, more help, more encouragement and yet, you can't see how you stand in the way of their good intentions simply by being so negative and doubtful. You are truly being a stick in the mud today, and during Moon trine Mars, you're not just a stick. You're a hostile and unruly stick. Go easy on yourself today, Leo. It's not as awful as you're making it.


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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

You don't like Moon trine Mars and feel it doesn't like you either. Of course, no such thing is happening, but what is happening is that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and now all you can see is that it's everybody's fault but your own. Today teaches you that "I don't deserve this."

You can't grapple with the idea that whatever is putting you in such a foul mood is also something that will fade just as rapidly, so you may spend this day, August 28, 2023, searching for some deep meaning to explain why you feel so badly today. You aren't thrilled with the idea of judging people harshly, and yet, you can't stop yourself. You've got that Moon trine Mars energy all over you, and thankfully, it will end as quickly as it began. Hang on for tomorrow, Scorpio. It will be OK.


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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You may not get what you want today, but do you have to act like a spoiled brat over it? Here's the thing, Pisces: today's transit, Moon trine Mars, is making you find fault in things you wouldn't ordinarily think twice about. On August 28, 2023, you may feel as though you are being attacked, but you know that you're not.


What you ARE doing, however, is trying to find something to blame or someone to accuse. In today's transit, Moon trine Mars is a bad-mood giver and rarely has a good explanation. That's how Mars works. It drops unannounced and delivers a foul mood to anyone in the area. Pisces happens to be in the neighborhood, and so, without rhyme or reason, you will be in a bad mood. Guess what? Just like that, it will evaporate.

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