3 Zodiac Signs Feel Sad About Love On August 24, During Moon Square Saturn

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zodiac signs who feel sad about love on august 24, 2023

Imagine feeling sad about love, as if this is a thing that doesn't happen all the time. It happens all the time and on August 24, 2023 it will happen again for three zodiac signs. It's no biggie, really; love is tough stuff to deal with. It's the kind of stuff that, when it's not going right, we instantly plummet into despair over it.



When love is going right, it feels delightful and delicious. Oh, we are such a predictable lot, we humans, are we not? Still, here we are, and we have to deal with it. During today's transit of Moon square Saturn, we will spend a good portion of the day wondering what could be better about our relationships and our love lives in general.

That's a set up for disaster, if ever there were one. Looking specifically for what's wrong; not being satisfied with what we have and expressly going out of our way to justify our dissatisfaction by searching for a reason to blame our partners for what we are feeling, or rather ... lacking. Because we feel down today, we aren't about to take responsibility for ourselves — that's how Moon square Saturn works. It helps us to deflect the reality of what's going on, and if something is 'wrong' we then have a scapegoat: our romantic partner. "They are what's wrong with this relationship! Waaa."

Meanwhile, our partners may be totally innocent and clueless as to why we're taking it so far, or why they are being blamed for things they did not do. For the three zodiac signs who take Moon square Saturn to heart, today is all about passing the buck, relinquishing responsibility and basically, blaming someone else for what we believe to be our misfortune. The wacky part is that we're not unfortunate; we're just ... cranky. Cranky little babies who will eventually crank themselves to sleep.

Three zodiac signs feel sad about love on August 24:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

The main reason you feel sad about love on this day, August 24, 2023, is because you have started to wonder if you even like the person you are supposedly 'in love' with, and that's a huge thing to have on one's mind. You've considered the idea that you wanted to be in love very badly and when someone presented themselves to you, you sort of jumped on the opportunity, but now you realize that you did it just to avoid being alone.

During the transit of Moon square Saturn, you will show yourself that while you are ever the strong Aries that you know yourself to be, you are also weak in the way of not wanting to be alone. Today's realization makes you feel like a fraud; have you been kidding yourself about this person that you are now in a relationship with? Perhaps. These thoughts make you sad on this day.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You aren't fond of coming across as someone who frets over love, even though that's clearly what you'll be doing on this day, August 24, 2023. During Moon square Saturn, you can't help but second-guess everything. Is the person you are with the right one for you? Is there someone 'better' out there, waiting for you, and unable to reach you now because you're already in a relationship?

These questions are perfectly typical in so much as this kind of thing happens, and during Moon square Saturn, it happens harder for you than for most. You will doubt everything today, simply because you can't help yourself. It's akin to anxiety accept that there's something inside you that won't let you get too upset over it. You always have that inner balance, even though you feel it's being pushed over the line today. Sadness takes over, but doesn't last. You'll be fine, Leo.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Today puts you in the mindset of 'everybody else gets love and I don't!' Well, of course, that's the farthest thing from the truth as you are very well loved. What you are, however, is ungrateful and intentionally blind to the love that really and truly is all around you. What's going on is that you need a self-pity break.

This is human and not especially horrible, and yet, the feeling that you take on today, August 24, 2023 makes you sad. You want to believe that everything is alright, but during Moon square Saturn, you can't help but see the dark side, and on this day, it obsesses you. You feel that all your friends have better partners and lives than you do, and you let your jealousy overwhelm you. You aren't looking at your life clearly, as you really do have a good thing going on. Open your eyes, Virgo; love is all around you.

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