3 Specific Zodiac Sign Meet Their Match In Love On August 16, 2023

At last, my love has come along...

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On August 16, 2023 three zodiac signs meet their match in love during the Virgo Moon. We'd all like to meet someone we could call our 'match' in love, and not just someone who we found on an app that checked off the right amount of criteria points and is now, therefore, considered to be a 'match.'

While these apps are not bad, and one could actually meet someone special through them, there's something so appealing about actually discovering what's wonderful and true about a person, organically, as in without an app to hook us up. During the Virgo Moon, on August 16, 2023, we stand a chance at meeting this person, more than at any other time of the year.




During the Virgo Moon, we are thinking about love and companionship; we want to be in the company of someone we love, but we want more than just knowing we get along with them. We want to know that we can have a decent conversation with them about whatever topics interest us. We need a connection with someone who shows us that they can keep up, so to speak. While physical attraction plays a big role in the way the Virgo Moon works, there's more to it than the physical here; there's that certainty that lets us know that this person is more than a companion in love; they are a forever friend, as well.


On August 16, 2023, during the Virgo Moon, three zodiac signs will be able to admit to themselves that they want this kind of love, this kind of 'match.' We feel as though we no longer have time to waste; we want to know that we are with people who stimulate us intellectually as well as physically. Today is the day these three zodiac signs find their love match.

Three zodiac signs meet their match in love on August 16, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

There have been many times in your life where you knew you were kidding yourself when it came to love and whoever you were with at the time; you tried to tell yourself that you didn't really believe in true love and that you were quite content to give your heart to whoever was out there who wanted to cherish it, whether or not you were 'that' interested in them. And that attitude brought you a lot of great people;

you don't regret a day of your life. But you've always had that secret thought that, if only you could just meet someone on your particular level, you'd never have to look at anyone else, again. During the Virgo Moon on August 16, 2023, you will know for sure that the person in your presence, right now, is the match for you. They meet you on every important level, and this means the world to you. Recognize it for what it is, Taurus, as this really is your true love.


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You feel as though you met your match a long time ago, and when things dissolved, so went your chances at ever finding another who could fill their shoes. What you've done is that you've created a bottomless pit, one that can never be filled, ever, and in recognizing this, you also know that it is you who has stood in your own way, in terms of finding someone special.

The Virgo Moon energy is a magic wand in its own way, and it has the capability of wiping the slate clean so that you can start over again...without expectations or memories of the past. Today, August 16, 2023 is the day when you see that right in front of your eyes is the most perfect person for you; you can finally SEE them, and yes, they are entirely different from that person of long ago ... but it's no longer the past, Leo, and this new person is your perfect match...and you know it.


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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You may not be sure if you've met your match or if you've simply lowered your standards, but what you are left with is nothing short of magical; today, August 16, 2023, is the day that you recognize as the day you know who your romantic match is. Are they perfect? No. Are they an intellectual genius? No. Do you need these things in a mate? No, and in knowing this, you open the gates up so that the right person can come through.


During the Virgo Moon you will feel so strongly that you are doing the right thing by yourself; you have finally allowed yourself to find love. No more walls of perfection to stand in the way — who needs them anyway? This is the day you decide to be happy in love. No more judgment, no more hyper-discretion. Let the vulnerability flow. You have finally met your real and true love match.

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