3 Zodiac Signs Crave The Single Life On August 9, 2023

Ah, to be single and free...

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If there's one question that pops up today for many people in committed relationships, it will be, "Why did I get into this?" It won't be said with malice and it won't be felt with resentment, but still, during the transit of Venus square Uranus, on August 9, 2023, it will come up. We may be totally content with our partners, but it is the summer and there are so many beautiful people out and about, just...looking like they'd be better off with US in their lives. Ah, to fantasize about the single life; that's what today's dreams are made of. And for three zodiac signs, we need not worry; these dreams will stay dreams and go no further. But it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?




Today's transit, Venus square Uranus, makes it hard for us to think of being locked down by love. While we may not usually feel that love is a prison, today gives us the feeling that it might not be too terrible to at least gaze past the prison walls, you know, just to have a fantasy. That's where our heads are at on this day, and that is what we will be thinking about. The single life. It may not be all its cracked up to be, but when you're in a committed long-term relationship, every now and then, it feels good to just let the mind wander. No harm in that, right?


Wandering minds are part and parcel for three zodiac signs, and on this day during the transit of Venus square Uranus, those minds will up and leave the auditorium, much like Elvis. We aren't feeling especially trapped by our beloved partners, but we could certainly use a mental break from the idea of 'til death do us part. Today, August 9, gives us the craving for the single life. We don't do anything about it, but it's certainly nice to dream. Dream on, zodiac signs. Dream on.

Three zodiac signs crave the single life on August 9, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You know all about the double standard that has you feeling both possessive of your partner, and desirous of the idea of being single. Perhaps you can have it both ways, Cancer, but...probably not. During Venus square Uranus on August 9, 2023, you will keep your fantasies to yourself as to not upset your very possessive partner and you will allow your mind to wander. What's a little fantasy now and then?

During Venus square Uranus, you'll enjoy the craving for the single life, knowing full well that you will not pursue it. You don't need to pursue it as you are very happy with the person you're with. The less they know about your inner life, the better. Sure, it's nice to share it all and have a transparent love affair, but is that even realistic? As a human being, you give yourself the gift of fantasy. Ignorance is bliss, after all.


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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Loyal to a fault, you definitely have your moments of regret when it comes to the deeply committed romantic relationship that you've gotten yourself into. That regret never turns into much more than you finding an escape through fantasy, and on August 9, 2023, your partner might do something that inspires you to turn to wild thoughts of ... another person. You'll return when you're ready, and you will cause no harm, but during Venus square Uranus, all it takes is one little negative action from your partner and off you go into your fantasy world, where you are single and out and about, being the center of attention.

This helps you alleviate your tension, and in this way, you can start afresh with the person you really love. There are no thought police here to stop you from craving the single life, and so, you take full advantage of the freedoms you DO have.


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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

The single life is honestly the only life you wish to live, but as it turns out, you are not single, and so you must deal with the reality of the situation. You are absolutely not on board with cheating on your partner or hurting them in anyway, so your only real and true alternative is to fantasize about what it's like to be with...whoever you want to be with! And that might be many, many people. That's the beauty of fantasy, and you, Aquarius, have mastered the art.

During Venus square Uranus, you will be so in your element, not to mention that you might get some quality time to yourself when you don't feel the pressure to be 'on' with your partner. You seriously crave the single life, and that's no matter, as you know how to deal with the cravings without hurting a single soul. 


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