3 Zodiac Signs End A Controlling Relationship On August 4, 2023

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Well, it looks like the buck stops here and what's meant by that is that we who are no longer about to take it will simply stop. This refers completely to our romantic lives and the people who have decided that they have somehow been elected to take charge of those lives. Controlling partners no longer have a place in our lives and we get that during today's transit, Moon sextile Pluto.

August 4, 2023, not only brings a wake-up call to the three zodiac signs that the power will most influence but a slap-in-the-face wake-up call to the people who have tried to control us. Nevermore quoth the raven. Time to end the tyranny of 'you over me.' No, nope, no way, not happening.




This is a day of great strength, as Moon sextile Pluto is no slouch when it comes to upending what we're used to. On this day, we will not only see that the person we are with is a control freak, but we will also see that we don't have to sit by and let them take over. If we did at one point, then those days are over. We finally get it; this doesn't have to be this way. We can take charge of our own lives, and if love is about control and domination, then these three zodiac signs will have to take a hard pass today. Ain't happening, bro.


Today is when we release ourselves from a controlling relationship, and oh, how good it will feel. While breaking up is always traumatizing, sometimes we know we have to go down that path because if we don't, we'll end up choking on our choices. These three zodiac signs regret nothing! We will end our relationships and seize the day — our way. Onwards soldiers, march ... march ... march!

Three zodiac signs end a controlling relationship on August 4:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Gone are the days when you concede to a battle that's been rigged against you and that's how it feels in your present love relationship. Somewhere along the lines, 'love' got replaced with 'control' and now you're wondering why you're even involved with this person anymore. During Moon sextile Pluto on August 4, 2023, you will come to your senses so hard that you'll see only one alternative: get out now.

You will end your relationship now because you finally see that it's not doing anything but getting worse. Whoever this person is now, they certainly weren't this way when you met them, and if you're going to enjoy your stay on Earth, then you'll do it in freedom and without the pushy insistence of this creepy, controlling partner. Say goodbye to the days of being controlled. This ship has sunk.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Moon sextile Pluto gives you all the chutzpah you'll need today, August 4, 2023, as you know in your heart that nobody else will save you if you don't get out of your relationship. So, it all kicks in today, and that knowledge registers in you as 'I am my only hero.' You are the one, Libra, who SAYS NO.

You say no to being controlled, no to being told what to do, and no to being your partner's inferior. What the heck were they thinking? Did this person whom you once loved so much suddenly think they were here to control you? YOU, a Libra? That's a laugh riot, and you'll be chuckling your way out the door during Moon sextile Pluto. You can only take so much, Libra, and on August 4, 2023, you will call it quits. Take command of the wheel, baby.


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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

This day comes with regret and rejoicing. Regret because you feel you've wasted so much time waiting for the person you've been in a relationship with to change, and rejoicing because you finally take control of your life and leave them. It's August 4, 2023, and the helpful transit here is Moon sextile Pluto. You didn't plan on this day being the 'big' day, but here it is, and all feels right.

Today is when you shut the door on the relationship, which feels good. For the first time in so long, you feel like power is surging through your veins. You are no longer content to be pushed around or victimized. The days of being controlled are in the past of today. You may not know where you're going, but at least you're the one who decides wherever that may be. Power to you, Capricorn!


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