3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On August 7, 2023

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zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on august 7, 2023

Before we go too far — with anything — on August 7, 2023, let's back it up and think before we act. What we might feel happening on this day is a sort of hypersensitivity, and it's not the kind that will have us in tears but the kind that may put someone else in tears if we're not careful. Today is when we feel something in our gut, and we not only don't question it, we take it as a sign to proceed.

While we're always told to 'trust our gut,' there's always the idea that even with gut feelings, we still have to weigh everything for the truth. In other words, just because you feel it in your gut doesn't necessarily mean it's THE LAW. We, or rather, three zodiac signs, may feel this way today because we are in the presence of the cosmic transit, Moon square Pluto.



With Moon square Pluto, we tend to become myopic. We may be very well intended, but we may also be wrong. Simply because we 'feel it in our gut' doesn't guarantee that what we feel works for someone else. That's the kicker right there. On this day, August 7, 2023, we believe something is right for someone because, in our minds, how could it not be? And, while that's not a terrible thing, when we take it out of our minds and project it on that other person, we forget that what we're doing is forcing our opinion on someone else. If they aren't into it, that's that. This is where Moon square Pluto brings out frustration, second-guessing and humiliation.

So, here we are, and it's August 7, 2023, and Moon square Pluto is burning bright in the sky (though we can't really 'see' it), and what we have are three zodiac signs which will assume that they are right, and someone else is wrong. Before we know it, all hell breaks loose. What to do? We live through it, zodiac signs. We live through it, and we share our stories.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopees on August 7, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

The truth about you, Gemini, is that you have good intentions and want to help with all of your heart. The downside is that during a transit like Moon square Pluto, you become a little too strong-willed, and you tend to become pushy. You get it into your head that you know the 'better way' for a friend of yours to go about their business, and when they tell you that they  aren't  interested, you take it to heart and feel insulted by their rejection of what you believe to be your 'brilliant idea.'

On August 7, you may run into one such situation, and even though you feel you can add to this person's life, it will be hard for you to accept that they just aren't interested in changing … or changing to suit your idea of what change should look like. This makes you feel humiliated, and you'll wonder why you tried in the first place. Lighten up. It isn't such a big deal, Gemini.

2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Your approach towards implementing your brilliant ideas may not be as gentle as Gemini's. You feel that you've struck gold with some idea of yours. You want to share the wealth, and you know of a friend you believe could use those kernels of newly found wisdom. And so, when you tell them to change their ways after they finish laughing at the idea that you have nerve, they will tell you that they appreciate your concern but that 'they've got this.'

During Moon square Pluto, you may become somewhat of a pit bull. You will tug until you can pull no longer because the truth is, no matter what brilliance you think you've come upon, your brilliance doesn't work for them, and that needs to be OK with you. But, as it is, you are a Scorpio, so it's not OK for you. You won't get your way, so you must find peace with that.

3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

When it comes to teaching great ideas to others, the one thing about you is that you are an expert in your field of knowledge. So, when you feel that the time is right to share your pearls of wisdom, you expect a rapt audience who will cling to and use your words well. All that sounds logical and realistic until August 7, 2023, takes that and flips it on its side.

Today is an ego-burner for you, Pisces, as the transit of Moon square Pluto makes you feel you're being ignored and aren't even being considered. This is your ego, Pisces. You just assume that you're the expert here, and for some reason, you think your expertise covers the lives of others when … it doesn't. You assume people can't think for themselves today, and you are stunned when they survive without your precious direction. It's OK. Let them be.

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