3 Specific Zodiac Signs Tell A Crush They Like Them On July 20, During The Leo Moon

Did I ever tell you that I love you?

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All hail the Moon in Leo, as it's sweet loving gaze provides us with all the courage we'll ever need, especially when it comes to telling our crush how we really feel! Huzzah! It's July 20, and three zodiac signs get to express themselves in all the right ways today. Three zodiac signs figure out how to tell a crush they like them on July 20, 2023, during the Leo Moon.



We have kept it in for just so long and today is the day we need to sashay right on over to the person we've been crushing on and we will marinate them in the love they had no idea was coming to them. We rule! We are strong and confident — so much so that we don't even care if we are rejected. We just want to be truthful, and during the Leo Moon, we will get right to the point.


It's a ton of fun, having a crush on someone. It makes everything feel new and exciting, and that feeling will be heightened during the Leo Moon. This transit is all about big feelings, big revelations, and big love. When the sun-shiney zodiac sign of Leo enters lunar territory, we are looking at nerve, chutzpah and the idea of accepting challenges. Today is the day we tell our crush how that we like them, come hell or high-water, as they say.

There's also a 'one life to life' kind of attitude that comes with today, which is also why we are not that concerned with being accepted. Oh sure, we don't want our crush to reject us, but the feeling that comes with today is the kind that is all about being honest with our loving thoughts. We are the champions of our own love lives; the rest is up to them. By day's end, at least we'll know that we tried — and good for us. These three zodiac signs will make huge loving efforts on July 20, 2023, during the Leo Moon.


Three zodiac signs tell a crush that they like them on July 20:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Today is the day you tell your crush that you like them. You have always been a 'one life to live' kind of person, and you take risks very easily because of that. You don't believe in wasting time, and even though your sign is known for laziness, that doesn't apply to you when you have a crush on someone, in fact, you are anything BUT lazy when it comes to letting them know what's really on your mind.

During the desirious waxing crescent Leo Moon on July 20, you don't have time to mess around, and you will march yourself right on over to the person you've had your heart set on and you will, with all the confidence in the world, tell them what's on your mind. Your intense confidence doesn't leave room for rejection, and it's not even a thing you can possibly imagine happening. Well, you know what they say about powerful intentions: manifestation is sure to follow. Go get 'em, Taurus.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Honesty has always been your best policy and when you get the nerve and the confidence up, you are basically unstoppable. Today, during the Leo Moon, you'll have it all, and more. You'll have the focus and the target in place to tell someone that you like them, and being that your Sagittarius aim is always true, you will, no doubt, nail a bullseye. You have someone that you really like, like ... really. You don't even consider the idea of being rejected by them, as that's not in your playbook.

And with this kind of confidence, you will approach them, whether in person on through a text, and you will basically tell them that you are in love with them and what do they plan on doing about it. That's right; you get right to it. You pass them the ball and now it's in their court, and being that you are right there, waiting for a response, you'll get one today, July 20. Why bother beating around the bush? Let's just get to the point. And you do — and so do they.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

If the waiting is the hardest part, then today is the day you declare the wait is over. That's right, it's July 20, and you can no longer keep it in that you have a feels for someone. That means that this crush you've had, it's time they get to know what you're feeling. It's also time, in your mind, to let them see who you really are and what you are made of. This revelation comes about as a result of the Leo Moon, as it is way too inspiring to let you keep those feelings to yourself.

The days of repressing your feelings are at an end. You need to share what's on your mind with your crush and you need to make something out of all this emotion. It's not assumed that they will take the bait, but the most important thing for you, right now, is telling your crush that you like them. You'll feel so much better after you show yourself what you're made of.


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