Relationships Improve For 4 Specific Zodiac Signs This August

Thanks Mercury retrograde!

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Love should always feel like the greatest truth, and for four zodiac signs whose relationships improve this August. As much as summer is known for carefree trysts and short-lived romances, August 2023 is one of profound growth and changes as you are invited to the depths of the underworld with Venus as your only guide. Venus is the planet of love, relationships and romance, yet depending on its sign, it will change how it affects you and your life.


In Leo, it's all about boldness, courage and the desire to follow its heart. However, as Venus is now on its forty-day journey through the underworld, exposing every secret and truth for what it is, you will also see these themes play out differently.  

Instead of using the boldness of Leo to push your way toward your desires, you'll instead feel an internal nudge to direct you inward toward your feelings, your truth and the reasons that you've had for following your heart or not. While Venus began this journey last month, you will be in the deepest part of its lessons over the next few weeks, which means it offers a time of tremendous growth, even if it feels like you can't act just yet.  


The feeling that August 2023 is crucial to your life path and direction is heightened by it being a blue Moon month where it ends with a Full Moon in Aquarius and closes out with one in Pisces. Not only will this help you move in the direction you truly desire, but it will also help you follow your heart, trusting that unconditional love isn't just a dream but something you can genuinely create.  

August 2023 also brings another Mercury retrograde, in Virgo this time, which means that old loves and past lessons may return. However, depending on your growth, they don't have to be chaotic and instead can offer you the confirmation you've been seeking to know you are on the right path. It's a month to look for new beginnings, plant seeds of hope, surrender to the process and recognize that while beautiful things take time to build, they are always worth it. When love feels like truth, you know it's also unbreakable.  

Relationships improve for four zodiac signs in August:

1. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

This month will be active for you, even if you're waiting for something to happen. August begins with the Full Moon in Aquarius, your opposing zodiac sign and ruler of your relationship and love sector. This will highlight something coming full circle, and while many worry it means a relationship is ending, it is usually a particular phase or cycle within it that ends so something else can begin. Reflect on the end of January when the Aquarian New Moon rose in the sky to help you understand and better understand what will arise now. The difference is what you've learned since then and whether you are prepared to step into your higher self.  


Venus will continue to retrograde through your sign of Leo for August 2023, not turning direct until September 3, 2023, and then moving through its post-shadow phase until you're free of any restrictions. As much as challenges are highlighted during this time, it also offers an incredible benefit. Reflect on how you show up for love and relationship and whether you're truly being yourself. It might also come down to learning to love yourself more deeply to receive the relationship you desire with an open heart. Be patient with this process. You know you are laying the groundwork for future happiness.  

The Piscean Full Moon at the end of the month activates your sector of intimacy and transformation as it helps you to take what you have learned and brings in some dramatic changes. Combined with Mercury beginning its retrograde in Virgo, it may also be the lesson that once you embrace your true self and feel worthy of the love you seek, you can attract it effortlessly. Stay open to things going differently than you expected this month, and embrace the journey; it will undoubtedly be eye-opening.  

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2. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 


You already know everything you need to. It's just a matter of healthy processing so you feel empowered to make changes. During August 2023, a lot is happening in your chart, from the Aquarius Full Moon lighting up your sense of identity and socializing to Venus retrograde encouraging more excellent reflection on your committed relationship. You are branching out and realizing that where you are in your romantic life isn't where you are meant to remain. As with most periods of retrogrades, this isn't something you can rush. There will be plenty of unforgettable moments of connection. Still, it does feel like an essential theme of delaying gratification until you can be sure you're doing things differently this time.  

Part of the delay in August 2023 is the Full Moon in Pisces at the end of the month falls into the deepest part of your chart and is likely to give you the awareness of connecting all the dots and feeling more confident in finally moving forward. This is your chance to incorporate knowledge and understanding with the healthier ways of relating that Mercury retrograde in Virgo will offer you. It's not enough to be attracted to someone but also to put steps into place so you move differently.  

It's time to leave behind who you were so you can step into who you are meant to be, which means not rushing, delaying gratification and building a healthy romantic connection. What you're currently working on now can be something that is not only long-lasting but incredibly fulfilling. You must create space in your life for it to bloom — and not rush the process. What is meant for you can't ever be lost? Sometimes, you need to take it slow to be able to give it the care it requires to nurture you forever.  

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3. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

August 2023 might feel more intense for you than most because Venus retrograde in Leo stirred up everything you didn't know or were reluctant to acknowledge. In this part of your chart, not only will secrets come to light, but the truth of anything and everyone. It may feel overwhelming as you may wonder who you are or have been in a relationship with now that the curtain has fallen and you can see. However, it's not all unwelcome news. To improve your relationship, you first need to know what you're genuinely working with, and while at times you don't want to entertain those things that cloud your perfect vision of what love is, it's also the only way to grow and make them better truly.  

Taking care of yourself will be essential this month, especially at the start, as the Aquarius Full Moon will light up your health sector, reminding you that caring for your total self is the only way to feel like your best self. Not only will you be guided to return to your physical, mental and emotional bodies, but you will also start to want to incorporate healthier ways of relating with you and your partner — or even in dating new partners. Trust this inclination to self-evaluate and take responsibility for the growth you can. While you can't force anyone else to grow with you, it's the best way to see if you genuinely align.  

Toward the end of August 2023, Mercury will begin its retrograde journey in Virgo, and the Piscean Full Moon will peak. Mercury retrograde in your zodiac sign can help you continue to embrace a healthier way of relating and living by speaking your truth and learning how to express yourself, which will help you meet your needs. This is in preparation for the Pisces Full Moon, which will help renew your heart and remind you why love is always worth it. This is a journey to become your best self to build and receive the love you've always desired. Accepting the truth and being open to changing your behavior or choices may not be easy, but in this case, the payoff is more than worth it.  


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4. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

It would be best to accept what the past means to remain there. You just finished up a major karmic cycle that asked you to release a specific person or relationship. As hard as it was, you are putting yourself in the position to attract significant love during August 2023. This new relationship will help you understand why everything has happened how it has and find more excellent validation and confirmation for your growth. You were never hard to love or worthy of what you desired. The people you'd been asking couldn't give it to you. Walking away can be the hardest thing, but it also sets the course for greater freedom so you can genuinely begin writing the love story of your dreams.  


Venus continuing its retrograde journey through Leo will inspire you to take the higher path and choose healthier ways of relating. It will also help you focus on improving your overall well-being to operate from a balanced and grounded space within yourself. This sets the central theme this month, so even if the Aquarius Full Moon brings some shocking surprises, you will already expect it to a degree. It's not that what comes out should affect you, but only give you more significant confirmation for your chosen path. Sometimes these moments are blessings because they allow you to trust your intuition as the truth it represents.  

Mercury retrograde will be especially powerful for you as it occurs in Virgo and lights up your romantic sector. This is why it's important to remember that the past is behind you for a reason. You may have to stick to boundaries or reaffirm why you ended a relationship. While the other person will essentially try to make it about them, it's actually about you remembering your growth and never abandoning yourself for another ever again. Love won't make you give up the best parts of yourself to receive it, and as the Pisces Full Moon peaks at the close of August 2023, you may find that the fairytale was worth believing in.  

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