Love Horoscopes Are The Luckiest On July 10, For 3 Specific Zodiac Signs

Never going to let you go...

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Today, July 10, 2023, three zodiac signs are the luckiest in love. Today is one big shout-out to those who are determined to make our romantic lives as beautiful and honest as possible. Today, we are working with the incredible drive and healing power of the Mars trine Node and for the three zodiac signs most influenced by this powerful transit, today may go down as memorable. We are here to make things good again, to set it all right.




We're not setting it all on fire. Instead, we're taking responsibility for our part and making space for the person we love the best in our lives. Today is for putting together the puzzle pieces and rebuilding whatever has crumbled. We will not be deterred; if so, WE are one of the three zodiac signs mentioned here today.


Mars trine Node sounds rare, we talk about specific transits, and it is. With Mars being the main planet involved, we know there's the power of rage, anger and drive behind the engine, but its trine 'date' is Node, where we bring in the idea of healing. The Node represents our sadness, pain and emotional wounds. When we have a transit built like Mars trine Node, we look at the healing of a lifetime and the drive behind it to make it happen. We are on a mission today and will not stop until we hit pay dirt and pay dirt; in this case, it means peace in the home and love in the heart.

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Today, we work hard to make our day lucky. This isn't one we can sit out; we are active participants in our fate on July 10, 2023. And for these three zodiac signs, there is no option other than to bring things back together again, in love, in peace and for the good of all. Which three zodiac signs will actively work on putting together their romantic relationships today?

Three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on July 10:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)


You are always one to wrap a Mars transit around your little finger because you can take the heat you want to take it. You can die when something has worsened and are equally the person who stands in the way of its total ruin. During Mars trine Node on July 10, 2023, you will not stand idly while your romantic partner concludes that it is all wrong. 

You will feel compelled to help them, and in helping them, you will help yourself. You are finally at the point where you can admit that you've added to this negative situation, but you will never accept such a fate. So, on this day during Mars trine Node, you will rise to the challenge and become the Aries warrior you were always meant to be. A true warrior of love, July 10 marks a new beginning for you in love, Aries.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


Much has changed for you over the last few weeks and while major change sometimes drives a bit crazy, you need to get a grip before it all goes too wacky. It takes Mars trine Node on July 10, 2023, to put it into your mind that you need to stop the insanity now and come up with a working plan that you and your romantic partner can abide by so that this once excellent relationship can get back to what it once was.

Fortunately, Mars trine Node is all about healing and it will never take NO for an answer, so you and your partner will feel somewhat compelled to do the right thing where the relationship is concerned. If this means no more insulting each other, then go with it. You both always say the wrong thing to each other; how about calling it quits on that? See if it works; I bet it does.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


Mars trine Node brings out that inner Archer in you and you'll be pointing your arrow in the direction of healing the heart of the relationship you once put so much faith in. Over time, this romance has eroded, and while you could put so much blame on the other party for its deterioration, you know very well the part you played in making it fall apart. Today, July 10, 2023, marks the day that you and your romantic partner make the firm and realistic decision to work on what has been spoiled.

There is no 'failure' when it comes to you and your partner and you will not let this fall apart bit by bit. Mars trine Node helps your determination; it inspires it, so you know that by the time this transit has done its work, you and your life partner can resume loving each other again.

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