3 Specific Zodiac Signs Want To Break Up On July 7 During Moon Conjunct Saturn

That day has finally come.

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It's July 7, 2023, and three zodiac signs will want to breakup during the Moon conjunct Saturn. Here we have the perfect example of not wanting to proceed with something that was, at once, everything we wanted and is no longer satisfactory. Today's transit is Moon conjunct Saturn, and it is disruptive. We see it as it is, and we conclude according to what we believe is the reality of the situation, which is the idea that this love relationship is no longer working. Friday three specific zodiac signs just say 'no' to each other. What's interesting about today's transit is that it does us one favor; it lets us know that the feeling is mutual.




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We won't feel too guilty over 'leaving' someone in the lurch today because none of what sets us in motion surprises either party. We both want it over and as sad as it may be, we can see that the ending is better than the trying, the waiting and the hoping. Moon conjunct Saturn gives us the insight that we need to make this kind of relationship decision, and while nobody likes the idea of breaking up with someone you once loved, sometimes we know that the ending of a relationship is inevitable and destined. These three specific zodiac signs are more susceptible to the Moon conjunct Saturn's power than other zodiac signs, which will give us the impetus to do it.


So, get ready because the big breakup is coming, and whether it's long overdue or just something that needs to happen, we will see the end of a relationship today, July 7, 2023. These three zodiac signs are on the lineup for a breakup, but with every break up, we have to realize that a new beginning is right around the corner.

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Three zodiac signs want to breakup on July 7:

1. Virgo

 (August 23 - September 22)

What bums you out about today's transit, Moon conjunct Saturn, is that this comes at the end of a time when you tried hard to make things work between you and your romantic partner. You are investing time, energy and profound love into this person and what you're starting to see now is that they just aren't living up to your expectations.


You've even forgiven yourself for asking too much from this relationship, but nothing works. There is no 'good' way to look at what's become of the relationship. What you feel today, July 7, 2023, is starved for love and that's not how it was supposed to be. After all you've done for this person and for the romance itself, you seem to be stuck with a real dud and that's just not where it ends for you. You know now that you need to break up. It's inevitable, so why not start today?

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You're feeing something akin to 'freezing over,' and while you don't like how it feels, you know it's because you can't deal with what's happening to your love life. You have seen something in your lover that you don't like. You can't tolerate it, and as the days pass, you feel less and less in love with them.


You also see where this is going, and it's nowhere too good. On July 7, 2023, you will draw the line during the transit of Moon conjunct Saturn. This transit helps you to see clearly and make the kind of judgments that will help you live and thrive as you are not doing well in this person's company. They have become a burden to you. This person you once saw as the love of your life is now someone you can hardly stand being around. Let the inevitable have its moment. It's time to end this once and for all.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

What you know now, as of today, July 7, 2023, is that you can no longer rely upon the person you are in a relationship with to come through for you. You used to believe that this person was there for you, but on this day, during the 'wake up call' transit of Moon conjunct Saturn, you'll see it all too clearly; things have to end.


You are not someone who enjoys the change of any kind, and the end of a romance is probably the last thing in the world that you'd ever want to experience, and yet, what's the alternative? Stay with this person and know the meaning of endless misery? Or, break up and start anew, even though it's 'scary' out there. During Moon conjunct Saturn, you'll recognize that endless misery is not in your cards and you will take the initiative and proceed with ending the relationship.

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