3 Zodiac Signs Will Prefer Fantasy Romance Over Real Love On June 15

Our imaginations bring us good fortune and great love during Moon sextile Neptune.

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On June 15, three zodiac signs prefer fantasy over real-life love. Today, we have a day practically partitioned off for fantasy and imagination. On June 15, 2023, one of the more unusual transits that accompany us today is Moon sextile Neptune, and this cosmic event will stir up our imaginations and get us thinking. This is the day when we turn to the concept of fantasy lovers. One of the things we don't ordinarily admit to is the idea of a rich inner world that accommodates all of our needs.


Through fantasy, we can fulfill certain needs, and when the waking world, or 'real life' doesn't come through with what we want, some of us, mainly three zodiac signs in particular, will turn to our minds for solace. We are lucky to have rich imaginations on this day, and during Moon sextile Neptune, if we need to be loved, we will be ... because we will supply ourselves the love we need through imagination.



That's right; love isn't all about a physical person. Sometimes having a fantasy lover is better than having a real person anyway, and while we're taught to avoid thinking like this, nobody here can say that this isn't at least an option. Life is difficult, and so is love. The pressure to have the perfect mate and live the perfect life with them is absurd. And, during Moon sextile Neptune, certain people will not fold under the pressure of what's expected of them. Not everyone wants to be in a relationship right now. Sometimes, we'd rather just ... fantasize. Today is the day we let our fantasies give us what we need.


The idea that 'need' in love has to be associated with another person is off-base. We're vast creatures, we humans ... if we can admit there's more to love than what we find in a relationship, then we might actually have some fun while we're here. Being in a relationship is great, but so is fantasy, which doesn't leave us in pain. Fantasy gives us what we need, and transits like Moon sextile Neptune encourage it. Which zodiac signs will find their romantic joy inside their minds today?

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Three zodiac signs prefer fantasy romance over real love on June 15:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Just because we 'need' to be loved doesn't necessarily mean we will be loved, and with you, Cancer, you already know this very well. And, because you aren't up for torturing yourself any further when it comes to needing this, you know it's best to stay inside your mind during Moon sextile Neptune.


Why bother hungering for a person who doesn't know you exist? Why put yourself out there for someone you know will break your heart? You are willing to take a chance, but maybe that risk isn't what you're about today. You need love today, but you don't need the hassle of finding it in a physical body, so you do what you've been doing since childhood: fantasize about a beautiful love life for yourself because ... why not? Why not! That's Moon sextile Neptune for you, ready to please.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Even in a physical relationship, you rely upon fantasy to make it feel more special. You really aren't interested in the mundane, and on June 15, you'll be especially taken with the transit of Moon sextile Neptune, which will have you know what's right for you and what's wrong. What's wrong is the idea of seeking love in another human being. What's right is kicking back and spending the day fantasizing about being with some gorgeous celebrity. That's what you want, and that's what you'll have.


You aren't that keen on fitting in with what's expected of you, and you have certainly had your share of physical lovers, but today is the kind of day that lets you know that if love is what you need, love is something you can give yourself, your way. Love isn't only found in someone else. You don't believe you're looking for your 'other half.' That concept is ridiculous to you.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

One thing that makes you laugh hysterically is when people pity you for not going out there and getting yourself a 'real lover.' As if you're this poor, pitiful creature who missed the memo that says we all have to be identical clones of each other when it comes to love. You'll have your laugh once again today as Moon sextile Neptune enforces an idea you've always held. Fantasy is better than reality, and you'll have it your way regarding love.


You've been in love and relationships; they are fine until they're not. And right now, you'd love to be loved, but the person you'd love to be loved BY isn't someone who even knows you are alive ... and that's just fine by you because, in your mind, you can have them any which way you choose — and you will. Is life not lived in the mind as well as in the body? This is your philosophy, free-spirited Sagittarius.

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