3 Zodiac Signs Have A Good Chance Of Getting Back With An Ex On June 14 During Moon Square Venus

Here's a good example of how the transit moon square Venus works today.

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Three lonely zodiac signs go back with an ex on June 14, thanks to Moon square Venus. We see an obstacle, like a square, right in front of us, and because we can't get through it, we have to climb around it, on top of it, and with each effort, we run into a sharp angle. While this does not happen in reality, it's symbolic of how today will go regarding our understanding of love, the past, the future and a certain ex-lover of ours.


Moon square Venus visits us on June 14, and for three zodiac signs, we're looking at lots of excuse-making, lots of bad memories to get past, and a lot of justification. We will ignore all signs today. Ignorance is the card we're dealing with.

When an ex becomes an ex, there's usually a good reason. On this day, many of us will be so lost in the illusion of a good memory that we'll systematically wipe out all of the bad memories ... the stuff that has us break up in the first place.



We may be feeling nostalgic or lonely, but it will be on this day, June 14, during the transit of Moon square Venus, that we justify our wrong behavior, and so much of that behavior will lead us back to our exes. Back to our exes ... did you read them correctly? And, if so, is this what you really want, or is this just something to fill the void, as you know deep down that going back with this ex is a certified NO NO.


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If we are told not to return to the person who hurt us, who we hurt, who made life unbearable ... wouldn't it be a good idea to consider this as fact at least? It would be a delight, but we're not up for being delighted on this day. During Moon square Venus, we will opt for the wrong move only, and that move will lead these three zodiac signs back into the arms of the person that will invariably hurt them once again.

Three zodiac signs go back with an ex on June 14:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

What's really weird about June 14, for you, Gemini, is that you know you're about to make the wrong move, but you plow along anyway, justifying your actions to the bitter end. During the transit of Moon square Venus, you'll be aching to be back in touch with the person who broke your heart into a zillion and one piece. They just 'get you,' or at least, that's what you'll tell yourself today.


You don't want to look at how lonely you really are, so rather than stand up and face facts, you'd rather rely upon a past memory where things were young and beautiful, and all was well in the world. While that sounds like a deluded fantasy — which it is, you'll feel safer with that fantasy because having to own up to the reality of this person and their true nature is way too much to deal with. By the end of the day, Moon square Venus will have you begging them to reunite with you in a love relationship.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You'll have to do a lot of explaining to your friends when you tell them you've decided to return to your ex. Why? Because all you've ever done is complain about that person, and you've surrounded yourself with friends whom you've told story after story about this ex's bad love.


On June 14, you'll admit that you are entirely prepared to overlook their million faults and that it's time to get back with this person. During the transit of Moon square Venus, you'll see the past as something that taught you essential lessons. You won't see those lessons as cautionary tales, however. You'll see them as reasons to leap back into a relationship that ripped your heart out. That's not what you'll be looking for this time around. Start explaining THAT one to your friends, Virgo.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

The gap between you and your ex is like an ocean at this point, and yet, during the transit of Moon square Venus, on June 14, you'll feel like swimming that ocean if you have to. You don't understand why you broke up or why this person has to remain your 'ex' instead of your 'present' partner.


You know that you never wanted to break up and probably added to the situation with your personality, but ... what about their attitude and personality? Today, you will forget that they are responsible for so much of the damage that went down, but you will refuse to see it that way. You'll take it all on yourself, ironically giving you the power to take it back. Does your ex really want you back, Scorpio? Do you really want to be in a relationship with someone who isn't thinking about you? 

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