3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Weekly Horoscopes June 12 - 18, Due To Saturn Retrograde

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zodiac signs with rough weekly horoscopes june 12 - 18

Three zodiac signs have rough weekly horoscopes due to Saturn retrograde. We're heading into a Saturn retrograde, and during the week of June 12 - 18, our placement in the year may have us freaking out over ideas like, 'What am I doing with my life?' 

Saturn's presence is evident throughout the week; we will feel it in how we relate to our work lives. There will be a lot of 'bringing the office home' with us this week, meaning if we are dissatisfied with how our careers are going, we will vent our frustrations at home to the people who don't deserve our angst.

With Moon square Venus at the top of the week, we're already at odds with our romantic partners and scrapping for a fight. We've got the Moon in sextile and square patterns with Mars, pushing us into situations where we must fight our way out. Mercury sextile Venus teases us and makes us think we can work things out, but that drag of a retrograde — Saturn retrograde — will pull at us so hard that we won't be good for anyone.



However, we are not in danger of losing anything this week. What's lurking is our doubt. We fear not being good enough, not making enough money, not being ambitious enough ... and it will show up in our home lives. We will make life difficult for ourselves this week.

 Three zodiac signs might even take it too far. With our week ending in Sun square Neptune, we might feel we still stand a chance. What's good about this ending is that we didn't ruin it all. We still believe in ourselves, and now that we've shaken off so much of the frustration, perhaps next week will be more promising for these three zodiac signs.

Rough weekly horoscopes June 12 - 18:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Once again, you'll experience the feeling of getting ahead of yourself. You are highly ambitious and want to advance yourself along the way, and when the career is your focus — as it is so much of the time — you push yourself to the limit and beyond. This week, you may experience a feeling of being 'dragged,' and that is because you are expressly reacting to the Saturn retrograde.

You feel you are in a different class of workers and cannot be held to menial tasks. It's not that they are 'beneath' you, but you are so hungry for success that it's hard for you to be patient with the progress that's being made, as it is, which feels incredibly slow to you. This week feels so rough for you because you see the obstacles ahead of time and can't avoid them. You are stuck in a retrograde loop, and it irks you.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

There's something about the week of June 12 - 18, 2023, that will get under your skin, and it's all about self-doubt and the idea that you have somehow failed yourself. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to production and creativity, and yet, you feel as though you haven't done enough or that ... you're losing the battle, meaning that you aren't sure you even have enough ambition in you to survive this rat race.

This is how Saturn retrograde grabs hold of you and shakes you down. You should be BETTER than you are when there is no reason to feel this way. Still, it's mental and may lead you to depression this week. Do your best to keep an even keel, and whatever you do, don't put yourself down. You are a powerhouse of creativity; one week off isn't ruin anything.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Saturn retrograde claims your mind and your week, as this is when you start to seriously doubt's purpose seriously. You like to think of yourself as a 'this or that' kind of professional, yet, when you look at your body of work, you see ... nothing. You aren't sure you've tried to work. You like telling people how ambitious and productive you are, but Saturn retrograde is slowly pulling back the curtain, where you see yourself exposed for who and what you are, or rather, what you've become.

You do not like yourself this week, Aquarius, because your guard is down, and you keep that guard up not to have to look at the reality of who you've become. While this retrograde pulls you down, understand this: if you want to get OUT of this funk, do the opposite of what you've been doing. Work! Get up and work. Do it.

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