June 8 Horoscopes Heal The Heartache Of 3 Zodiac Signs, Thanks To The Sun Trine Moon

There's no room for holding on to the past.

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Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up one day and know that, WHOA ... we are free from the past. The heartache we've been carrying with us for what feels like forever seems to have evaporated into thin air. This is a huge possibility for many of us on June 8, because heartache isn't a life sentence. Second of all, we have the extensive, beautiful transit of the Sun trine Moon to make everything feel better.


And 'better,' today, means healing. We can make so much out of the Sun trine Moon, but the best thing we can do for ourselves is let ourselves be healed once and adequately and for all times. No more heartache; we paid the penance. We're done. It's finally time to move forward ... the universe is beckoning us to do so.



May of us think of heartache as something we need to keep alive, even though it causes us great pain. Some of us feel guilt over past breakups, and we may think we are responsible for them ending the way they did. When we feel guilt, we secretly want to punish ourselves for creating the negativity that came with our actions, and heartache is one of the ways we keep the pain going.


It's not that we are conscious of wanting pain, but unconsciously, we choose it over relief. Then, we have days like today and transits like Sun trine Moon, which let us know we've paid our price. If we so choose, we can move on now.

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Transit Sun trine Moon means good news for all zodiac signs, but these three zodiac signs will work best with their energy on this day. We have the rare opportunity to let go of the past, which for so many of us means letting go of the heartache that is associated with it. It's a good day. No more tears. It's time to move on now, zodiac signs.

Three zodiac signs heal from the past on June 8:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


The interesting thing about you and this particular heartache is that you KNEW you'd eventually see the day when you could let it go. Today, June 8, is that day, Virgo, and you recognize it as authentic. You may check your heart to see if you still feel the pangs of old love, but you'll happily come to know that it really did happen: that old love departed for good, and it took all that heartache with it as it exited.

This is due to the healing presence of the Sun and trine Moon in our cosmic sky. You never really wanted to hang on so tightly to a memory that has only given you grief. Still, you did what you needed to do to survive. Now, you are clear, and the transit of the Sun and trine Moon is helping you move towards the next, more positive stage in your life.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)


You have used the person who gave you the heartache you've held on to for so long just to explain why you're not moving on in your life. On June 8, during the transit of the Sun trine Moon, you will finally see this story's ending. You get it. It's time to move on. The heartache you've been hanging on to is now meaningless, and you don't see any good reason to nurture it, as you have for years.

Today is the day you end the heartache for yourself because today gives you the clarity to know that there's nothing in it for you. There never was; this is a pain you've clung to for no reason. You healed a long time ago, but you were loathe to admit it, so you kept it going. During the Sun trine Moon, you won't be able to lie to yourself anymore. It's time to win your freedom. No more heartache for you, Aquarius.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


You have spent so much time in heartache that you've started to think of it as who you are. You are 'the hurt one,' the one who cries and remembers everything. The more you own this identity of being the person who is always in emotional pain, the more you realize that there's no need for it anymore ... if there ever was a need for it in the first place.

During the Sun trine Moon, you won't be able to lie to yourself or use this pain as an excuse to get out of things. The time is now, and you recognize the moment. It's now or never. You will choose NOW during the Sun trine Moon on June 8. You don't want to waste another precious second of your life, and rather than regret it all, you will decide to move forward proudly and eagerly.

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