Friendships Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 23, 2023, During Moon Conjunct Venus

The nice weather is upon us, and when the Sun shines, we tend to ... ponder.

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While May brings out the social butterfly in many of us, we also want to spend quality time with friends during this time of year.  We feel inspired to have a nice life and aren't as concerned with the major dramas that may pressure us.

If we could just have one nice day away from everything that drags us down, we'd opt for that in a second. Today is the day we may very well get that day, as May 23, 2023, comes along with the tranquil aspect of the Moon conjunct Venus. Here we have a day that might be dedicated to the arts and beauty, and what better way to celebrate such a day than to spend it with a close friend.


During Moon conjunct Venus, we are in touch with our friends' feelings; they are treasures to us, and we don't want to disrespect them in any way. The more we love and appreciate the people in our lives, the more these friendships will improve. On this day, we will be able to spend time with the best friend we love, and we will notice that because of the transit, Moon conjunct Venus, this lovely friendship that we have is only getting better by the day. Today is beautiful to show your friend what they mean to you.

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Words are a big part of today's sweetness, as sharing our feelings in words will be nice. Who doesn't love being told nice things about themselves? Today, May 23, is one of those days where sharing kind words is critical, especially for these three zodiac signs. If we are troubled, no worries ... that wonderful friend will take care of us. We will open our hearts to them if they have something on their mind. Today is filled with harmonious generosity. We love our friends, and our bond with them will grow and grow.

Friendships improve for three zodiac signs on May 23, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You are, by nature, a very loving and expressive person. When you love a friend, it's 'ride or die' in your mind. When getting real with emotions, you are the go-to person in all your friend groups. You may be the party animal of the group, but when one of your friends needs the real deal in intellect and compassion, they turn to you. It's your pleasure to be someone's bestie, and on May 23, 2023, during the beautiful transit of Moon conjunct Venus, you will know exactly what to do, as a friend of yours needs your particular style of love and empathy.

You and your friend may cross a border during this day, meaning there's a good chance that your bond grows and you feel even closer to this person than ever before. Since you have zero inhibitions about showing love, you will launch into becoming the irreplaceable person in their life.


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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

There is someone in your life you love even more than you love your romantic partner, and that is your best friend. You don't make a big deal about it, and being that you are very close with your partner, they know about the bond you share with your best friend and are fine with it.

During Moon conjunct Venus on May 23, you and your best friend will again fall into that place where the only thing that exists in the world are the two of you, and you really and truly love this place. You have a secret 'thing' of your own, and you will experience this love in abundance during Moon conjunct Venus. It's not that nothing ever changes between you or that it's so sacred that it's just amazing ... it's that it keeps on getting better. More sacred, more amazing. You know that you'll grow old together, best friends forever.


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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Friendship is undoubtedly the highest state of the union on your list of relationships, Sagittarius, and during Moon conjunct Venus, you and your bestie and most beloved friend will experience new laughs, secrets and shares. Your friend needs you now, as on May 23, they may feel vulnerable or scared of something they must take care of. They need your compassion, and you are all the more pleased to give it in heavy doses if needed.

You cherish this friend above all others in your life, and because they need you now, you get to show them that not only are you faithful and true, you are someone they can rely upon at any time. Your friendship will become even stronger during the transit of Moon conjunct Venus, but then again, it's never been anything but continuously growing.


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