3 Zodiac Signs Are Emotionally Cold In Love On May 5, 2023, During The Scorpio Full Moon

They have become cold-hearted.

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If today doesn't have us feeling particularly snappy or even shallow, then we didn't get the memo: May 5, 2023, brings us the Full Moon in Scorpio, and during this time, we get to act like snobs, elitists and privileged characters. We pick and choose amongst the lowly things offered to us, and like vampire kings, we decide what stays, what goes and what we can use to our benefit. This is not a 'kindly, warm-hearted' day, and while it could be, depending on what sign of the zodiac your birthdate falls under, for the rest of us, today is all about being selfish, acting carelessly and giving off the severe impression of being coldhearted and unloving.


So, for the zodiac signs most affected by the oh-so-wicked Full Moon in Scorpio, we are in for one helluva day today. The irony here is that the zodiac signs who feel cold, especially in the department of love and romance, are the zodiac signs who think that love has either deserted them or left them feeling raw and terribly vulnerable.

During the Full Moon in Scorpio, we think we've had enough of this state and that being raw and vulnerable is for losers. We'd rather win this thing. To win it, we have to be in it; to be in it today means to be actively cold and ultra-protective of our hearts.





We're not open to learning new lessons just yet. The whole 'feel it to heal it' thing doesn't apply to us ... yet. We're more into the mindset of building a fortress made of ice, and we're not ready to melt down just yet. Today is a cold day for the three zodiac signs mentioned here and those with whom these zodiac signs come into contact. It's a scorched earth kind of day for those who fall prey to the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Zodiac signs who are emotionally cold in love on May 5, 2023, during the Full Moon in Scorpio:

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


You don't necessarily like yourself when you get like this, but during the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 5, you'll be 'getting like this' to such a degree that you'll forgo any personal self-judgment and go with it.

You might even think you're in a fabulous mood; you know what you want, and you'd rather not think about the thousand and one issues that could rip your mind apart, so why not turn all that angst on someone else ... someone close to you?

Yes, that feels like a good idea (to you), and you might end up even feeling stronger by showing someone in your life that you are chilled to the bone and completely void of love. You know what's inside you and that you really are a good and loving person ... just ... not today. You aren't about to give up what you don't have in you.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

A cold wind blows across your heart today, and during the Full Moon in Scorpio, you are a little too in touch with feelings of deep disappointment. Rather than own those feelings, you'll deflect them, as you aren't in the mood to do all that soul-searching that you know will give you some answers. Full Moon energy often puts us where we need to go introspective.

Still, you don't feel you have to strength to deal with it, and what will happen, in turn, is that you'll become quite cold ... and it will show and manifest in situations where the people who love you get to feel that coldness in abundance. You don't want to care about them right now; how they interpret your coldness is their business. You are who you are; if they can't take your coldness today, that one is on them.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You feel as though you've spent a lifetime pleasing everyone around you, so much so that you aren't even sure you are the same person on the outside as you are on the inside. During the Full Moon in Scorpio, your self-introspection will require a certain degree of privacy, and while you, yourself, don't feel cold, per se, your withdrawn attitude will present as frighteningly off-putting and as cold as ice.

All you want on this day, May 5, is to be alone, and you don't want to be responsible for other people's feelings, especially that of your romantic partner. You can only deal with one life, and that's hard enough. So, it's not as though you have turned off to love on this day. You can't deal with anything other than figuring out your life. People being people will interpret that as frosty behavior. Ah well.


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