4 Zodiac Signs Hit A Breaking Point In Their Romantic Relationship April 24 - 30, 2023

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zodiac signs fall out of love and end relationships april 24 - 30, 2023

The more you grow, the more truth you acknowledge which then will undoubtedly change your romantic connections. You can’t keep growing in a new and exciting direction if you are still tethered to your past. You can’t have one foot in your past and one in the future. By doing this, not only are you blocking your future romantic abundance, but you’re also stunting your divine growth.  



It’s time to honor what is real and to own the new awareness that Mercury retrograde in Taurus brings. Step into the emotional depths of connection that Mars in Cancer urges you toward because to grow is to live. If your relationship is not growing, then it means you are not really embracing all that love and even life can be. And so, it is time to honor your truth and the direction you are growing in, even if that means it is out of your relationship.  

Four zodiac signs hit a breaking point in their romantic relationship April 24- 30, 2023 

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

Do not invalidate your feelings simply because you do not feel confident in what will happen if you speak to them. You deserve all that you try to provide for others. You deserve emotional intimacy, security, and safety.

You deserve to call home a place of respite, and of peace. You deserve to know you are safe to be whoever you are and have whatever feelings you may have. You are allowed to be soft, to be vulnerable, and to have needs.

Of course, you are a leader among the zodiac. One that is known for being built with fire and rage, but that does not mean your heart does not bleed when you are hurt. It does not mean you do not get to have needs.

You know what you need in a relationship. Beyond anything superficial, this is about you honoring your values and needs and treating them as gold. Yet, you have doubted this truth. You have tried to be the constant doer and act like it has not taken the emotional toll it has on you.

In doing this, you are trying to be someone you are not. You are trying to not just hold it together, but to act like you are not susceptible to healing, growth or even changing what your needs are in a relationship.

This week, all of that comes to the forefront as you may realize much of what you are going through is because you do not feel emotionally safe in your relationship. You do not feel like you can express your feelings and needs, and because of that, you have retreated into your hell filled with doubts and fears.

But there is a change coming this week as you start to honor what it is you know you need and that you cannot avoid any longer. You know the path back home to yourself is the one that goes through with ending your relationship.  

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2. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

You cannot stop the truth from coming in. You cannot prolong your growth or hold off until it seems like better timing. You know while you have been through so much in recent years, there is still a path ahead you feel called to pursue. You had to overcome your fear of what will happen if you start speaking about everything you have been holding within.

This is the space for your truth, your feelings, and all that has changed about how you have gone about creating your life — and relationship. Currently, Sun, Uranus, and Mercury are all within your zodiac sign bringing about a deeper reflection and change to how you do things.

This helps you honor your growth more deeply which means even if a relationship is not necessarily bad, it does not mean it is good either. It does not mean you can stay within it and still be who you are. This does not make you a bad person but instead, someone who needs to simply choose themselves first.

Things change in life, but change itself does not create instability, it opens the unknown. You must release the feelings of guilt and fear over what will occupy this space once you release your relationship. You must understand that part of not knowing is knowing. It is trusting you are not meant to see the whole journey at once and instead is being called to focus on each moment.

This helps you understand and learn more deeply that what you have been seeking outside of you can be found within. Instead of doubting your power, by embracing your ability to be okay no matter the situation, you open the freedom to look within. See how no one can create comfort or security for you if you have not done that yourself. Because whatever you find outside of yourself will never be a substitute for your inner work.  

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3. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

The more you know is usually seen as the better. It provides more information, but for you, it also provides more possibilities, more options, and more reasons to second-guess yourself. The relationship you are still questioning within your life has been something you have been trying to assess since last year.

There have been numerous chances for you to understand and see the truth of what the lesson is, and you are meant to move on from it. In your indecision and not yet making a sold decision or bringing closure to it, you are opening yourself up to the universe for greater eye-opening moments. When you are meant to make a particular decision, like ending a relationship, the universe will send you opportunities and moments to see the truth.

To be able to understand that what you are in is not where you are meant to remain. These signs are gentle at first, and then if not taken seriously, become more dramatic and unable to be ignored. This week, as Sun, Uranus, and Mercury all take a tour through Taurus, they will uncover those secrets you have locked away within yourself and your partner. While seeing the truth is positive, it does not mean it will always be easy to finally understand what you have previously missed.

Going through all your options or even trying to conventionalize the state of your relationship will continue to confuse you. Instead, take what surfaces this week, no matter how surprising or challenging it is, and see it as truth.

See it as the universe has your back and finally make the choice that in your heart you already have. Take the first step of truth as Mars moves through Cancer encouraging a deeper emotional awareness of yourself and your life. You already know you can debate about the positives or negatives of this indefinitely, but that does not mean you have to — or even that you should.  

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4. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

You must change the way you think about love. Change the way you think about yourself and even life in general. You do not escape anything by trying to have everything easily. You do not get to bypass the lesson and still arrive at joy and peace.

Instead, you make things more challenging for yourself and your relationships. Knowing what it is you need versus the storylines of others is essential right now as you are being guided to transform into the person you have always been. You need to step into that space of truth and light and not fear the shadows it will reveal.

Mars in Cancer helps you not only transform but to create a deeper emotional connection with yourself which will inevitably end up affecting your relationship. Not all relationships can last forever simply because of the growth you go through with yourself.

You grow in and out of phases and sometimes a relationship is only meant to remain with you during a particular part of that journey instead of the whole thing. Instead of trying to maintain connections you have outgrown, do not fear if you choose to do things differently. Do not worry about what that will mean or how you will be seen.

Connect back with your inner self. That authentic self within allows you to know whether something truly resonates with you or not. Sun, Uranus, and Mercury all are in Taurus this week prompting you to reflect on whether the decisions you have made have truly helped support a healthy intimate relationship.



Mercury retrograde is bringing up the past along with the possibility of new decisions. Use the energy this week to allow yourself to acknowledge the romantic connections you have grown out of so that you can continue to grow into what is meant for you.  

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