3 Zodiac Signs Have The Best Horoscopes On April 18, 2023 During The Moon In Aries

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best horoscopes for 3 zodiac signs on april 18, 2023

Three zodiac signs will have the best horoscopes on April 18, 2023, during the Aries Moon today. Aries, Gemini and Cancer are determined to create and believe in themselves regardless of their challenges. The Moon in Aries moves three zodiac signs from a place of victimhood to empowerment. 



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The gold to be excavated is what is most valuable on this day for these three zodiac signs. It’s this drive and fierceness that, even if gentle at times, allows each never to give up, no matter the situation. This energy of the Aries Moon today will inspire you to honor your deepest truth.  

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on April 18, 2023:

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

Your rawness isn’t something to apologize for. Your deepest feelings and vulnerabilities are actually the jewels that make you who you are. Too often, your fierceness and determination to create have you cast as impulsive or insensitive when nothing could be further from the truth. You have to release what the past looked like. You must let go of what happened and how things have turned out.

You weren’t wrong before; it was just that there was a lesson you needed to learn so you could embrace a higher and healthier way of living. You have an opportunity here. A chance to honor yourself, no matter what that means. Listen to yourself as truth and let that decisiveness for what is meant for you lead you to the new life you’ve been dreaming of. Daydreaming is not something you usually do. Instead, it’s an action you are known for.

Yet you haven’t been acting on all you feel stirring within you. Instead, you have been plagued with self-doubt. You are afraid of making a mistake, and of finding out in a few years that you wished, you would have chosen differently. None of that matters, though. What matters is that you can no longer ignore your inner truth.

Today as the Aries Moon crosses paths with Venus in Gemini and your ruling planet, Mars in Cancer, you will get a boost of determination and even a bit of positivity that things won’t possibly turn out as horribly as you’re afraid they will. Trust this as it’s a divine sign from the universe, and the realization that everything you’ve been through hasn’t hurt you but prepared you for this new path.  

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2. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

Focus on the truth of what you really want your life to be. Don't focus on what an older version of you wanted or what others have said would be good for you. Right now, you are on the precipice of great change as you step into the space of aligning your life with your inner truth. This comes down to what is most important to you. What are your top priorities? Then, commit to them fully.

As much as you can second guess or think of a million options that might work, how you genuinely feel matters. Your life isn’t meant to be easy all the time, but it should make you feel good. The work you do should be meaningful. Your friend circle should inspire and support you. Your relationship should be a consistent respite from the rest of the world, and your relationship with yourself is one that you should be excited to pursue. Look for what feels more draining than anything else and for what you no longer align with, or worse, that you’ve denied the truth about.

The comfort you seek by not taking charge of the changes you want to instill can be found within yourself. Find comfort in your trust in your feelings because, while some change from moment to moment, others don’t. These are your core feelings, which are a significant part of who you are and that build the scaffolding for your life.

It doesn’t pay to live a life your old self would have loved or even one your friends are envious of when, deep down, you feel dissatisfied. Today as the Aries Moon begins turning up the energy for the Eclipse Portal in a few days, it’s important to come back to what sparks joy in life and remember that this is the bare minimum.  

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3. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

You are getting started on manifesting your deepest dreams. Many of these are related to your career or purpose, as you recognize that you deserve happiness. You now realize you can have a fulfilling life on all fronts. While many are awakening right now regarding what they truly deserve, you step into a space of understanding that you don’t want to have to pick one side of yourself to fulfill.

You actually are a multilayered, complex and worthy individual that is allowed to take up space in your life. To take up space means you are not attempting to fit yourself into spaces you’ve outgrown or those where others controlled too much of the narrative. To take up space means you own your truth and allow yourself to be and do whatever feels right for you. This big change will affect your professional life, though it feels like it is personally very connected to you.

The fears or challenges you face in how your significant other or friends would adjust while valid isn’t reason enough not to pursue this path. You deserve all the fulfillment and joy you can find in life. And sometimes, that means taking a risk and trying something new. It also might mean becoming someone different or indulging in a side that you seldom do and allowing yourself to experiment with what feels right. 

This entire process that you’re in likely all comes down to that. It’s an experiment on how to live a life that feels like it’s yours. One in which you feel intrinsically connected and know in your heart is completely and utterly what life is supposed to be all about.  

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