3 Zodiac Signs Go Back To Their Ex During Moon Square Neptune On March 27, 2023

The breakup made them stronger.

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Not every breakup is meant to last, and while there might be some fiery arguments that lead to what feels like the inevitable breakup, there are many couples who are simply into the drama of it all rather than the actual real-life problems a breakup can cause. It's hard to think that some people break up just to make up, but it does happen, and while those couples may or may not last through the test of time, they will end things...and then patch them up again. Is it fear of living a life without that person around, or is it fear of the unknown, as in, 'what's out there for me if it isn't that person I just broke up with?'


During Moon square Neptune, we are hyper-sensitive and neurotic. We take everything to heart, and we are easily offended. On March 27, Moon square Neptune comes to town and upsets the order of the relationship. For some signs, this is no biggie, but for three other signs, it's just part of the nonstop drama that keeps certain 'romantic' relationships alive. We call this codependency. We break up, and we get back together, and it all happens under the influence of Moon square Neptune.



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If you're planning on getting back with your ex, don't give it a second thought. You'll get back with them because you know how to play this dramatic game. You've done this before, and you'll do it again, but during a transit like the Moon square Neptune, you'll show that you are not only 'addicted' to the drama but you can't help yourself; you need this back-and-forth theater piece. It's all part of what you call romance. Hard to admit and even harder to experience, but, alas, the choice is yours. Go. Run.

March 27, 2023, these three zodiac signs get back with an ex:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You are usually the one who ends the relationship, and it doesn't ever come easy; however, you are also the one who forgives and forgets at will, and during Moon square Neptune, your tendency to let things slide comes into play with full force. On March 27, you will suggest to the person that you've just ended a relationship with that perhaps your moves were precipitous. Maybe it might be a good idea to get back together and work things out — that's how you'll approach it. They will, as expected, open their arms to you, and you'll go running back into them. Once situated, you can start up the machine once again and get back to the arguments and threats of an ending. And so on, and so forth. At some point, this will bore you, but during Moon square Neptune, it's the only thing you'll have your mind set on.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You don't like being alone, and that's just a fact. You like knowing where everyone in your life is at any given time, and now that you and your ex are no longer in each other's lives, you feel as though you're going to go crazy simply because you have no one to keep tabs on. You need this connection, and you want back in your ex's life. During Moon square Neptune, you will bring up the topic with this person, and naturally, they will accept you back in, as they know they haven't exactly been a peach, either. They need you as much as you need them, and yes, you both need to really look deeply at the degree of codependency that you keep, but no matter how you go about it, you will be back together in no time. Thinking about this isn't an option you give yourself.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


If you think about it, this last breakup was all wrong; neither of you were fully invested in breaking up, and neither of you really and truly wanted to be apart. You broke up and created an enormous upheaval of drama just because the two of you were so absorbed in your pride that you forgot that reality is desperately hard when you're alone...especially when you still love the person you've just ended it with. During Moon square Neptune, on March 27, 2023, you'll feel more than regret for your choice; you'll feel the desire to stop the presses and get back together with your ex-mate. You can't keep going on like this. The breaking up and making up thing is not only ridiculous but also expensive and stress-inducing. Either make up your mind once and for all that you'll stay together, or end up for real. But this back-and-forth stuff is only going to make you crazy, Pisces.

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