The 3 Zodiac Signs Fall In Love 'Hardest' On March 15, 2023

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zodiac signs fall love hardest march 15, 2023

We may not know it then, but so much of what makes up our experience of falling in love is what goes on inside our head, meaning we project so much onto the person we are interested in without knowing who they really are. Because we want the glamour, the beauty, the thrill and the sublime mystery of falling in love, we supply the scene with all the elements we need to convince ourselves that 'this person' is the ultimate romantic partner for us. We fall hard for this person because what's the point of falling softly?

During the transit of Sun conjunct Neptune on March 15, 2023, a few zodiac signs here will take what's inside their minds and project it onto the screen of another person, meaning we will see what we want to see, and we will fall in love with our idea. Neptune energy is heady energy, it usually doesn't venture too far from fantasy, and so on this day, March 15, during Sun conjunct Neptune, we will notice that the person we have fallen in love with is practically super-human. And that's all because we want it that way.



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And so, we will fall in love so hard with someone who isn't necessarily all we make them out to be, which is basically the story of life and love itself. People are people, and none of us are all that super. We can feel great love and provide it as well, but during Sun conjunct Neptune, for the folks who fall in love, all they will see before them is a projection of their loving desires.

These three zodiac signs fall in love the hardest on March 15. 2023:

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

For you, the idea of falling in love is either silly or something you pour so much of yourself into that it borders on obsession. On March 15, you'll go all out with the idea that the person you've recently met has something special. This specialness is now something you've created to be the very thing you need to live, and you'll feel that you need to make this person your own. You will fall so hard in love with this person, and even though you don't know them at all, you'll assume that they are the one for you. During Sun conjunct Neptune, you can't separate fantasy from reality; you will obsess over this new person, knowing in your heart that they must be feeling the same thing for you, too. Whether you are right or wrong, Libra, it won't matter because you will be too smitten with them to know the difference.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

During Sun conjunct Neptune, your feeling about a certain person in your life will escalate to such a degree and all because of something they will say to you. While it will definitely be a 'good thing,' you may take it the wrong way and make it into a perfect thing simply because you want to see something in this that maybe isn't there just yet. In other words, during Sun conjunct Neptune, your sense of fantasy will override any reality, and when it comes to this person, you'll decide that they have fallen in love with you. They may like you a lot and even fall in love with you at some point, but simply because you have fallen hard for them doesn't mean they have matched your enthusiasm...just yet. Try to dial it down a bit when you express your love for them. Stay cool.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

On March 15, you may find yourself in a familiar position: you are about to fall so madly in love with a person in your life that you can't see straight. You've done this before, and each time, you believe this person is 'the one.' You never think that anyone in this world would ever want to hurt you, and this naïveté of yours has cost you much. It's not that this new person will hurt you, but during Sun conjunct Neptune, you will make them into such a hero that not even they can live up to your expectations, mainly because they aren't a hero; they are just a person. But that Sagittarius fantasy mind of yours will build them into something they are not, and it's the image of them that you will fall in love with, not the person themselves.

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