The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 11, 2023

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 11, 2023

Today is about inner conflict, and for those of us who are prone towards anxiety or panic, this may be a good day to chant a peaceful mantra, or find a coping mechanism that will do the trick.

We are looking at the effect of Moon square Mercury, a transit that almost always confuses people and creates situations of tension. How we get through those situations is what today is all about. It's February 11, 2023, and for some zodiac signs, this might not be the best day of the week.

Our search today will be for comfort. We may not be able to get out of our minds today; we have repetitive thoughts and we may even have had a sleepless night prior to 'waking' up. We are on edge, and for some the reasons why will be clear, while for others, no such luck.

Moon square Mercury will have us thinking that an issue is much bigger than it actually is. How we react to all of this is what will make or break our day, today.

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There is also the idea that today may put us in the position of having to make an important decision, and that is something we want nothing to do with.

Today comes with feeling put upon, as well as burdened with thought. It's not about overthinking, it's about reckless overthinking, the kind we can only call 'anxiety.' Wish it were different, but Moon square Mercury has its agenda and today's list calls for stress. Sorry, signs.

The three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on February 11, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You might not be able to stop your stressing today, as it almost seems out of control; however, whenever you get the feeling that 'anything' is on its way to being out of control, you step in and fix it promptly. This will be an ongoing exercise for you today, during Moon square Mercury.

This transit lacks compassion, and for those of us who will try and try again to overcome the anxiety of this day, like yourself, the transit will continue to hit back. This is not the day to start something new, mostly because you are not fully yourself; you are compromised by tension and you know that you can't perform unless you're able to concentrate.

Moon square Mercury has a way of making people lose their focus, and that will be one of your main issues today. Lack of focus may bring you down, but being an Aries, you'll never stay down for long.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You feel as though you are overthinking something that is so irrelevant and irrational that you hardly understand why this topic is on your mind. You are either stuck in the past, or going over and over something that was said to you, in jest.

This jest was something you took seriously, and as Moon square Mercury takes over, you won't be able to stop yourself. You are on a loop of mindless thinking and it's starting to hurt. You know it's not going to last forever, and even though it feels like a panic attack, you won't let it take you down.

You will stand strong today, Virgo, because you recognize that this is only your mind working overtime. The actual topics of your thoughts are meaningless to you. Today would be a great day to turn within, or work on yourself spiritually.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You aren't about to reach out for help today, so you're going to have to do this one on your own, and what this refers to is this feeling of extreme nervousness, brought about by the vibe that comes with Moon square Mercury.

This panicky, nervous feeling may be something that's been building up inside you for a long time. It just needed the right transit to let it out, and on this day, February 11, 2023, you'll feel the brunt of this rumination.

You feel depressed and shaky; you don't want friends to help and you reject comfort from your partner. You feel as though you are the only one who can get yourself through this slump, and you know what? You're right, Libra. Just hang in there, this will pass and you know it's true. Wonderful days are just ahead.

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