The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Family Drama Affects Their Relationships During Mercury Trine Uranus On January 29, 2023


The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Family Drama Affects Their Relationships During Mercury Trine Uranus On January 29, 2023 filadendron from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

Mercury trine Uranus is there for us when we need to figure something technical out; it's there for us to make sense of things, and it is a helpful transit when it comes to knowing what we're talking about when we try to convey a message to someone.

Communication is honest, bold and possibly even blurted out on this day. While this sounds somewhat promising, it can lead to havoc for certain zodiac signs and certain families.


This is a day for high drama and low blows. That means we can anticipate hearing some of the nastiest words coming out of the mouths of family members. We may not know when to stop, as family members always push our buttons as if they have given themselves some exclusive right to say the worst...and do even more damage than possible.

During Mercury trine Uranus, the 'figuring out' that happens is when we put together the idea that we do not get along with our family and that perhaps it's time to take our exit. It doesn't mean permanently, but for certain signs, the ability to withstand and tolerate this kind of unnecessary drama is too much to bear and beneath them.


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Arguing with family over drama feels insincere and like a waste of precious time. For some, the family drama will be left to incinerate itself without our presence involved.

The three zodiac signs whose family drama affects their relationships during Mercury trine Uranus on January 29, 2023: 

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Before you enter the room, know this: you will be attacked by family members, implying that on this day, you'll be seeing your family or speaking with them in some video conference.

During Mercury trine Uranus, it seems everyone has this sudden problem with you, and they mean to tell you all about it. You are less than interested, but you need to be aware of the ambush you are walking into, as if everyone in the fam has an intervention in mind, and you are the subject.


You also find that your family has some nerve to single you out this way, and before this 'intervention' even starts, you're already paranoid and want to get away as fast as you can. Maybe the truth here is that you don't get along with your family, being that all they ever seem to want out of you is for you to be just like them.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You are well aware of your family's proclivity for stirring drama whenever they can, and during Mercury trine Uranus, you'll be enmeshed in the drama that is created. Now, here's the thing; you are not that innocent, Cancer. You've been known to stir the pot yourself, and it's not cute; it seems as though you are just as addicted to the drama as they are and that you cannot resist a jab here or there.


You won't admit it, but the drama is your thing, and when you get involved, you bring your intelligence, which is both your weapon and the very thing that intimidates family members. You like to flaunt your vocabulary at times like this, making the people in your family feel like they are cretins. You are responsible for the family drama today, Cancer. Face it, if drama is the game, then you really, really like to play.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


Family drama is a regular event; sometimes, it doesn't feel like drama but like an attack on your character. You sometimes wonder why certain family members go so far out of their way to hurt you. During Mercury trine Uranus, you won't be hurt, but you will be annoyed...and beyond.

The real problem here is that it's always the same: you show up, you have a good old family experience, and then, in comes the criticism. According to your family, so many things are wrong with you, from how you dress to how you eat.

You feel you are under constant scrutiny, and you're starting to wonder if these people have anything else to do with their lives outside of putting you down nonstop. Today is dramatic, but it is also boring. You are used to this; honestly, you can't stand the drama.


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