The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On January 10, 2023

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On January 10, 2023

There is only one downside to today for the three zodiac signs having rough horoscopes this Tuesday, and it comes in the form of the Moon in Virgo transit, January 10, 2023. This day is going to bring challenges and a few wrong moves. Virgo energy is strict and harsh, and while it can inspire great love, it always tends to come with hidden traps.

If we can avoid falling into those traps on this day, January 10, 2023, we will be able to endure. However, the Moon in Virgo is not easygoing, so be prepared.

We might notice a dark desire to say the worst things to someone to see how they react. We will choose people we feel safe with, assuming that if we dump a ton of nasty words on their heads, they'll casually brush us off because we believe they know we're not that serious about our insults.

Unfortunately, there is a point where we go too far, and that's exactly what the Moon in Virgo brings: an inability to know when to stop.

If you are one of the zodiac signs that can't process the Moon in Virgo positively, expect to see some truly abrasive language come out of your mouth today.

Remember this in your dealings today—you can only sometimes get away with it. If you push it too far, your 'reliable' friends and family will discard you. Nobody likes to be put down, and even trusted loved ones can become angry enough to walk away from you. Keep that in mind today, zodiac signs.

The three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on January 10, 2023:

1. Cancer

June 21 - July 22)

It seems as though the Moon in Virgo will have its way with you today, Cancer, as you won't be able to stop yourself from saying that one truly degrading line to a friend of yours, thus, blowing them out of your life for good. On this day, you believe that you are right and more: privileged. You have it in your mind that, for some reason, you need to be the one to 'set things straight' when it comes to one of your platonic relationships.

You have been annoyed with a friend for a while, and they have completely gotten on your nerves and under your skin...you feel compelled to tell them off in your very specific and passive-aggressive way. You may even regret letting those words fall from your lips, but you won't let on because once you're on a roll like this, you don't stop for anyone. You will cause destruction today. Know this.

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2. Leo

July 23 - August 22)

You may not understand what is happening today, and that is because your pride might blind you. During the Moon in Virgo, you'll notice that you feel...very good. Your confidence today enables you to feel knowledgeable and a bit pushy.

This means that on January 10, you will want to educate certain people in your life. Because you know that your teachings are what another person must have to live, you push your knowledge into them so hard that they reject you.

You've gone overboard, and now you can't back out. You want them to acknowledge you, take you seriously, and when they laugh in your face, your pride will be interpreted as their ignorance. The only real lesson worth learning today is: Know when to stop.

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3. Sagittarius

November 22 - December 21)

The good part about today is that you won't be sharing your dark thoughts with anyone, but that doesn't mean you won't suffer the consequences of keeping those thoughts to yourself. What Moon in Virgo may bring you today is too much introspection, and while you're 'in there,' you may discover something about yourself that you find disgusting. It's not easy to feel disgusted over one's person, but you will come to feel this today.

You see how judgmental you are, how you condemn people in your mind, and even if you don't express that out loud, those dark and ugly thoughts are still inside you, turning you into a wicked, judgmental person. You have great dreams of freedom and enlightenment, but during the Moon in Virgo, you'll be back with the troglodytes in the tarpit, blaming everyone else for your misery.

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