The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love, January 8 - 14, 2023

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love, January 8 - 14, 2023

It's nice to think that we're about to have one of those 'lucky in love' weeks the week of January 8 - 14, 2023, especially if we just happen to be looking for love.

This is the week that belongs to new love and the spark of fresh romantic interest for three zodiac signs, and this is what makes it luckiest in love.

While those of us who are in established relationships may benefit from the lineup of positively charged transits, the emphasis this week is on new love. For some zodiac, that means the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, and for others, the opportunity to love again after a period of downtime.

We start out the week with Moon trine Jupiter, which automatically sets things in motion for positivity and lovingkindness. As we've all come to learn, if our attitude is friendly, positive, and kind, we are able to attract to ourselves the same.

We know from experience that if our attitude is awful, not only will our love lives follow suit, but our lives, in general, will feel subpar.

As we approach the Moon in Virgo, early on in the week, we will see how this works in our lives. We will finally catch on to the idea that we are the ones who make our lives heaven, or a living hell.

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We are heading towards the Sun trine Moon, which wants only our happiness, and in this case, this week, happiness is directly tied to love and romance. We're not talking about the love of a child, or of a friend; this is pure romance here. No friend zone is involved. For a few zodiac signs, this is the week where love seems possible once again, and by golly, we're going to get our share!

The three zodiac signs who are the luckiest in love the week of January 8 - 14, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You've never had a problem attracting people and so you don't have the same fear of rejection as other people when it comes to falling in love. You have someone in mind, this week, someone who you know from work or from some online situation, like a group.

You have a lot in common with this person and it hits you this week that you are actually interested in them, as in interested in making them your partner. You're Not the slightest bit interested in a casual fling; you want it all, and you see this as possible. What's super great is that you'll get what you want. New love is waiting for you just around the corner, Taurus. Yes, it's possible, and yes, it's about to happen to you. This week.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You are the perfect example of 'give it up, get it all.' What this means is that you've basically let go of the idea of finding someone to love. You don't trust human beings and you've seen what they can do to a person when they are vulnerable and in love, and somewhere along the way, you just figured that the whole scene is not worth investing your heart in.

And then, this week comes along and blows your face off with its sudden romantic surprise. Every single thing that you tossed aside is coming back to you now; there's a person who is not going to let you have your way.

They are not going to let you go through the world alone, in your isolated way. They want to be in your life, and they will be so persistent that you will not believe it. But, believe it; love is here. And on some deep level, Sagittarius... you want it.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You must be friends with the Sagittarius above, because the same goes for you, in terms of you shutting love off for fear of it hurting you. What's different is that you've always wanted it, you've always been available to love and you want to be loved more than ever, now.

You may have accepted your fate as 'forever alone' but that's about to change, radically. This week will have you find an opening into your shut-down world of yours, where you will stumble upon someone you find extremely alluring.

They take a major shine to you, too, Aquarius, as that uniqueness that is associated with your sign will be in full force. You've never been anyone but your own honest self, and there's someone out there who appreciates that side of you in ways that you, yourself, do not. Open your heart and experience the love that awaits you this week.

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