The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Heartache Ends During The Moon Sextile Venus On December 19, 2022

At long last!

The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Heartache Ends During The Moon Sextile Venus On December 19, 2022 Pixelfit from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

Today, the Moon lines up in a sextile formation with Venus, and together, in their cosmic way, they help us complete a cycle in our life.

Today, December 19, 2022, we feel a change within ourselves. We are ready to let go now. We are no longer tied to the pain that seemingly has defined us for more time than we may be ready to admit.

If you are someone who has experienced a lengthy bout of heartache, then know this: this too shall pass. It is true, and it's not just a cliche.


It's as if we've paid our dues to the gods of heartache, and now, they have decided to set us free.

We are no longer here on Earth to carry around the weight of memory; as soon as we see it for ourselves, we will no longer want to. This transit, Moon sextile Venus, leaves no room for doubt. When you feel it, you feel it, and there will be a sense of closure when you do.


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And so, just like that, heartache ends. It may even be surprising to us. We may have gotten used to being the person who is always in pain in a strange way, and that addiction to heartache is akin to not growing.

It's as if we fear what life is like without the pain in our hearts gnawing away 24-7. Once we release this pain, we quickly start remembering who we are. This is a perfect day, and there is no need to 'mourn' the loss of our heartache. It's done.

The three zodiac signs whose heartache ends during the Moon sextile Venus on December 19, 2022:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)


If there's one thing you do not wish to recognize, you've spent a good part of your life hurting over the people who have come and gone...and you've never let them go. No matter who they are, if you feel they've either done you wrong or broken your heart in ways that feel unfixable, you think of them, and they have begun to ruin your life over it.

You are responsible for how much heartache you allow into your life, and it will be on this day, during Moon sextile Venus, that you realize it is up to you.

You'll notice one thing that happened today, and it will feel very different: you've grown bored of celebrating the pain in your life.

That's right — bored. You will realize on this day that you are getting nothing out of this and that your precious time here on the planet is going to waste. Welcome to the new life, Gemini. Free, clear, and without heartache. Proceed.


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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You have held on to your heartache simply for having a good sob story to talk about with friends. You have created a world for yourself where you are the victim of emotional crime.

Even though the person or persons who hurt you have left the scene of the crime long, long ago, the story you tell of them still comes up whenever it's time to share tales of old with friends and family.

You are not even attached to this heartache, but that has never stopped you from referring to the person who caused it, just for attention. And then it hits you: this isn't fun. That's how Moon sextile Venus brings about your revelation and liberation, Virgo. You'll drop your past heartache like a hot potato when you realize this is just a show for others.


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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Your heartache ended a long time ago. Now, you're dealing with your anger at yourself for wasting so much time licking your wounds. During the Moon sextile Venus, you will notice something happening inside you; you no longer want to be mad at yourself.


You don't want to be the cause of your heartache simply because you make yourself miserable over this regret or that missed opportunity.

As the year comes to its close, you spend much time in self-reflection and see that you want freedom above all. Freedom from self-doubt and beating yourself up over past heartaches and bad relationships. We all make mistakes, Sagittarius, and those mistakes are what make up our lives. We are the sum of both our mistakes and our choices.

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