The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friends Ignore Them During Moon Opposite Saturn On December 13, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friends Ignore Them During Moon Opposite Saturn On December 13, 2022

Just in case you thought it was frustrating enough to continuously find that your romantic partner is unendingly distracted and preoccupied, wait 'til you get a load of today's antics, brought to you by the Moon opposite Saturn, AKA 'the friendship destroyer.'

OK, OK, you might not lose friends on December 13, 2022, but you will undoubtedly wonder where they all went, as today feels like you are being ignored.

It's bad enough to know your partner is 'doing their own thing on their own,' but you didn't think your friends would book so quickly. Where is everyone?



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They're out, doing their own thing, just like your romantic partner, which might be the universe giving you a hint: do your own thing and don't worry about spending today with someone else.

Take it lightly if you can't find a friend to yap with; it's not a personal stab. Things like this happen, and their likelihood of taking place is much greater during the Moon opposite Saturn.

So, you could take it all to heart and make this day all about you and how nobody loves you anymore, but you know that would be a lie. Everyone is still there, still your partner, still your friend...they're just into their agenda, and that is legit.

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If you feel that friends are ignoring you today, then let it ride, zodiac signs. We, humans, get into our moods, and not all of them feel good or fair. Your friends and partner are still there and will be there tomorrow, right where you left them today. No worries... go with it.

The three zodiac signs whose friends ignore them during the Moon opposite Saturn on December 13, 2022

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You won't be able to stop yourself from feeling neurotic as today seems to have you at odds with everyone around you. It also feels like nobody hears you. Are the folks in your life purposefully ignoring you?

You can't think of anything you've done to put people off, yet it's as if you're the last person that crosses anyone's mind. You could almost take it personally, but you suspect something is going on, something...cosmic.

You'd be right, of course, as the Moon opposite Saturn is here, making you feel like there's something you don't understand. You reach out to friends and are still waiting for a response. You try again, no response. Are you all alone on the planet? No, no, you're not. It's just that kind of day. Expect to do your best work alone today.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

When you don't get a response from the friends you reached out to today, you will get insulted and take it all the wrong way. This is how you react when the Moon opposite Saturn is in town; it doesn't bring out the good side; it hypes up your paranoia and puts you on the defensive. When you feel defensive, you lash out, and if there's one thing that puts you on the defensive, it's being ignored.

Mainly because you KNOW they are purposefully ignoring you. You don't know why, and even if you ask, you get no response because they ignore you. You don't consider that these people have lives too, and need their time right now to do things that have nothing to do with you.

There's a slim chance that you'll accept that as an excuse; instead, you'll make the day worse for yourself. No one is insulting you today, Gemini, so please, don't be so hard on yourself.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

This is the day you second-guess yourself into a frenzy of negative emotion. You place a lot of emphasis on friends; you expect them to come through for you and ask very little. You only want to know that they are honest and love you and that harming you is not an option.

During the Moon opposite Saturn, you may need more attention from the friends you've come to rely upon. It's not because of you, Virgo — they have their own lives to live, and today don't have room for you. That's OK, isn't it? You can forgive your friends for ignoring you today.

They're not doing it intentionally; they have other things and people in their lives that they tend to do. In a way, this day teaches you to let go of your deathtrap on friendships; the friends ARE there, but you can't expect them to be there 24 -7. It's OK, Virgo. You are still loved.

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