The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Breakup During The Moon Sextile Jupiter On October 4, 2022


The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Breakup During The Moon Sextile Jupiter On October 4, 2022 motortion via Getty Images

Around this time of the year, we tend to start making plans for the holidays. It's only natural to start thinking about family plans or taking time off from work to be with the ones we love, and we see this happening with everyone we know, as well.

For those of us who are in long-distance relationships, we feel that longing even more, as this is a person we rarely if ever see, and honestly we want them to be present in our lives.


On this day, October 4, 2022, we have Moon sextile Jupiter hovering above us, and that vast and expansive energy lets us know that, in terms of our long-distance love affair, it's now or never.

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Long-distance relationships tend to fall apart during the holiday season, and with Moon sextile Jupiter prompting that change, we will start feeling complete with the idea that it's over.

If our person cannot be with us during the holiday season, then what is the point? We can only convince ourselves just so many times that we are content to live our romantic lives out on the phone, and after a while, we can't even believe our own lie.

What will be revealed during Moon sextile Jupiter is the idea that we have been lying to ourselves for a long time now, and that the situation of 'long distance love affair' is not what we really want. We want real love, up close and personal, and not reliant on having to hold a smartphone in our hands.

The good part is that Moon sextile Jupiter is an enabling of courage, and so we will have the nerve to see this ending come to pass. No more dawdling, hoping, or justifying. The time to accept that it's over is now.


The three zodiac signs who will break up during the Moon sextile Jupiter on October 4, 2022, could be:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You really did believe in the relationship you're just about to get out of, and you never thought it would end up as a long-distance thing yet, it did, and you still hung on. You figured that sooner or later this thing would be made 'real' and still no cigar.

It seems that the person you got involved with isn't all that keen on getting together, as they keep on coming up with excuse after excuse as to why they can't meet up with you. This is not what you wanted, and yet, you can't help but feel for them.

This is going to change after Moon sextile Jupiter influences you on October 4, because you will come to realize that this relationship is going nowhere fast.


There will be no 'introduction to the family' nor will there be warm and cozy nights spent huddling around the fire during the cold, winter months. Your long-distance relationship falls apart because thankfully, you came to your senses.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You adore the idea of great love and romance, and you found someone who can give you just that, but they are far away and as it stands, it doesn't look as though there are any realistic plans for getting together with them.

Perhaps, this is why it was always so heady and romantic; it's nice to flirt madly with someone whom you don't have to have much to do with in reality, and yet, we are human and we do crave in-the-flesh companionship and it really doesn't look like you're going to get this from this 'far away' person.


Even you have your limits; romance goes just so far before it needs the spice of change, and what you have with this long-distance person is a whole lot of sameness. Not to mention that you're completely reliant upon the phone or video chat. It's gotten dull and redundant, and during the Moon sextile Jupiter, it will see its end.

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3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

After asking your romantic partner when they are finally going to come to meet you, you'll start to grow very bored of this person when they deny you that meeting, yet again. OK.

There's just so much long-distance love you can tolerate before you start to feel as though you are being teased and lied to, and during Moon sextile Jupiter, you'll find that you really aren't into this whole long-distance thing after all.


It was cute in the beginning, but you're way too full of life and vigor to spend your entire romance on the phone, pretending that talk is enough. It's clearly not enough for you, and you're starting to wonder why it IS enough for them.

What is wrong with them that they don't want to show themselves to you? Why do they keep on lying about coming to see you, and what on earth are they getting out of all this? On second thought, you've already lost interest. Today makes it official.

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