The 3 Zodiac Signs Leave The One They Love During Moon Trine Jupiter On September 30, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Leave The One They Love During Moon Trine Jupiter on September 30, 2022

If you've never been in a situation where you have had to leave the one you love, then you have no idea how much courage it takes or how hard it is to do.

Today, we have one of those transits that promote the idea of breaking off and setting out on one's own. That transit is Moon trine Jupiter, and on September 30, 2022, it's going to show up in our lives as nerves.

To do what we are about to do, which is to leave someone that we've been in a relationship with, we need to act on impulse; that impulse may feel spontaneous, but it's really about recognizing the moment to act and acting on it.

Nothing here happens in an instant, and yet, the moment it becomes reality as opposed to harbored thought, it takes on importance and relevance.

Today is the day where we bring the thought of, "I'm going to leave you" into action. It hurts, it's painful for both parties and it's going to happen. Inevitably, it's going to happen.

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One of the things that Jupiter is known for, however, is instilling courage into people, and it is definitely going to take courage to tell the person we love that we need to ramble on.

With Moon trine Jupiter, we'll find that courage, but we will also find the drive to stand by our words, as this kind of situation is iffy, and if we're not strong enough, we may end up falling back into the relationship that we're trying to escape.

There are many reasons why a person would leave the one they love, and all of them make it hard to actually go through with it. Nonetheless, certain signs are that brave, and they will see success, no matter how painful it is.

The three zodiac signs who leave the one they love during Moon trine Jupiter on September 30, 2022, are:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You don't really think of leaving your partner as something that takes strength, because the real strength is in staying with them, and that's something you have very little of. You cannot wait to take your leave as it comes to the point where you can't stand this person anymore, no matter how much you 'love them.'

You do love them, but you can't waste another ounce of your precious life on them, as all this person seems to do is want more and more of you. If only they could love you the way you want to be loved, as opposed to being put in this prison of need; you aren't their love supplier, and you've started to resent their presence altogether.

During Moon trine Jupiter, on September 30, you're going to look at October as your escape plan, and you'll be leaving this person before the day is over. You want out? You're getting it.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You have loved this person for so long that you are starting to wonder if it's even love that you feel for them. You know that you are bored with them. You know, also, that you are sickened by them, their habits, their style, and their choices, and yet, you've stayed with them all this time, so you must love something about them.

During Moon trine Jupiter, you will find that all you detest about this person comes shining through, seemingly multiplied, and by the end of this day, you'll realize that you can't take another minute of them.

You have to get out of there, and it needs to happen on impulse — or you'll be trapped forever.

You'd rather love this person from afar. After all, you've spent so much time together that there must be something redeemable about them either that, or you'll leave them and realize that you're much better off without them.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You've decided that you need to leave the person you love. You have juggled this thought for a while now, and during Moon trine Jupiter, you'll find that it's now or never; and you will make your move.

Your partner has expected as much and will put up no fight, which is basically what your entire relationship has turned into a series of concessions.

Nobody fights, nobody wins. And this is because — even though you both love each other — nobody is interested. What you've got is a dead relationship and it's going nowhere fast.

You, however, want it to go somewhere, although you don't want to be with them, and so, you will present the idea to your partner and they will, sadly, agree to let you leave. It's over, and you both know it. Perhaps you can be friends someday but first, you must make the move to free yourself from the nothingness that is this relationship.

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