The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love And End Relationships During Mercury Retrograde Starting September 9, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love And End Relationships Starting September 9, 2022

When Mercury retrograde rolls on September 9, 2022, it can create problems in relationships, including falling out of love and perhaps breaking up.

We've all heard of the trials and tribulations that so many of us seem to go through during the Mercury retrograde transits, and once again, we'll be entertaining this kind of frantic, chaotic energy which could lead us to do things we ordinarily would not.

This retrograde should keep us on our toes throughout its entire stay, which comes to its close on October 2.

So, we've got three solid weeks of chaos and madness ahead of us, so get your minds and bodies ready for what's to come, as it's going to be a doozy, that's for sure.

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For those of you out there who don't believe in astrology and have a hard time with all of the people in your life who claim to have their lives upset by the famous 'Mercury in retrograde' you can kindly move to the side where all of the deniers go during this phase. For the rest of us, let's explore what the natural order of the universe has in store for us.

During this time, the aforementioned 'chaos' will take the shape of love gone sour. And the hardest part about knowing that this is about to happen is that we already know it. For those of us who are in love relationships, face it, we're either doing great, bored out of our minds, or on the brink of simply falling out of love.

Retrogrades 'pull' emotions out of us. They tug on us until we have no more to give, and for specific zodiac signs, this totally implies that we'll be falling out of love.

Mercury retrograde can drain the life out of any relationship, and unfortunately, over the next few weeks, three zodiac signs may see a few major breakups taking place.

These three zodiac signs fall out of love and end their relationships during Mercury retrograde starting September 9, 2022.

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Mercury retrograde stirs up your life and makes you think; that all of this energy that is swirling around you has to go somewhere, and you're starting to think that maybe this weird 'pull' is trying to wake you up, or put your mind on something that needs your attention.

You don't want to act rashly or impulsively, but come to think of it, your romantic life is not exactly what you bargained for, in fact, you're starting to grow tired of the person you call 'partner.'

This isn't new news, however, but it has not been brought up as you really didn't want to have to start something new or cause damage to what you've already worked on. However, retrograde is brutally honest in the way it works in your life, and it may be you have been honest with yourself in ways that you didn't anticipate.

The work you'll do during this time will lead you to one conclusion: you are dissatisfied with the lack of romance in your life and you know that this is the proverbial 'beginning of the end' for this particular relationship.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Here we are in Virgo season, and if you weren't feeling analytical enough, you've got Mercury retrograde to basically ensure that you pick apart just about everything in your life.

Retrogrades are like sharks; they bite in and go for the kill, and that's how you are going to feel when you start going over what upsets you most, during your inner search for meaning and balance.

While holding the mirror to your emotions, this three-week transit is going to have you looking very deeply at the way things are going in your love life.

Once upon a time, you were madly in love with this person, and now you feel you hardly know who they are. Can this go on at this rate? Is it worth trying to put the pieces back together, or will the retrograde give you an insight that you can't ignore, being that you are no longer in love with this person, and knowing this, you may not be able to even think about working it out? Mercury retrograde takes your analyzation skills all the way to the point where you actually end your romantic partnership.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Whether you believe in Mercury retrograde or not, it believes in you, or rather, it affects you as it does everybody on Earth. What you are about to experience, starting on the 9th of September, is a change of heart, and that could potentially upset so many things in your life.

Regrouping is not what you had in mind, and yet, you are someone who follows their heart and during this transit, your heart will tell you that something is definitely wrong.

What is wrong? You will find that the answer lies in the fact that you no longer love the person you are romantically tied to, and that is both upsetting and motivating. You'll feel two things during this transit. One is the discovery that you are no longer in love, and two, the idea that now that you know this, all you can think about is escape.

Being that you can't just walk out, you'll have to work with what you have but know this, your ex-partner may not be ready to hear what you have to say, so be kind. That's a tough call for Mercury retrograde to respect but try. Try to be kind.

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