The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Saturday, August 20, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Saturday, August 20, 2022

Mars enters Gemini on Saturday, August 20, 2022 and this changes the energetic landscape for the next seven months for three zodiac signs. Mars in Gemini helps all zodiac signs to get out of our headspace and to get into action.  

Mars is the planet that rules the masculine energy within all of us. 

It is determined, passionate, ambitious, and driven towards taking action and creating whatever it has its heart set on. 

Usually, Mars moves through different zodiac signs every six weeks or so giving you a well-rounded dose of energy, which helps you in different ways. 

But not this time. 

Because Mars turns retrograde at the end of October through January, it will spend seven months in Gemini not moving into Cancer until the end of March 2023.  

This is big news and energy because it means this will be one of the leading energies as you finish this year and begin the next, but it also means that doing things the same old way has truly come to an end. 

Gemini is an air sign that often is considered to rule thoughts and communication. 

Because it is represented by the twins, it represents duality in your thinking and endless possibilities.  

Oftentimes, Gemini alone can have a hard time deciding what it is it wants or even needs; however, with that direction and drive from Mars, it becomes focused and supercharged.  

This energy knows exactly what it wants and now for the next seven months, it is determined to achieve it.  

Depending on where Mars and Gemini falls in your birth chart, it will affect the ultimate course of this current energy, but it all comes down to taking action instead of becoming stuck in overthinking.  

Mars in Taurus has been grounded and slow, yet all of that will speed up starting August 20, 2022, when it suddenly feels as if clarity arrives and the desire to make changes is heightened.  

Trust your thoughts and desires during this transit and recognize that as much as you can sit and pretend, you are considering the best way to go about something, the only way to truly do that is to simply do it. 

Do not be afraid of taking risks during this time or even completely stirring up the proverbial pot. 

Mars takes chances because ultimately it knows that it will pay off and Gemini has so many ideas and thoughts it is impossible to sit on the sidelines of life any longer.  

From now until mid-October when Mars turns retrograde it is an incredible time to get started on whatever you have been overthinking in your life, things may slow at that point, but not because you have not chosen correctly, but more to let life catch up with your action orientated attitude.  

The time is right for you to make that shift within yourself and realize that as long as you are just thinking and talking about doing something, it will never actually manifest. 

Start slow or even start big, but the point is to begin for these three zodiac signs who will have the best horoscopes on Saturday, August 20, 2022.

1. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

This is big news for you Gemini as Mars moves into your zodiac sign changing your priorities and course of action. If you have been feeling restless as of late, it is time to tune into why so that you can utilize this energy in a big way and make the most of it.

Mars in your zodiac sign is going to help you focus your thoughts and ideas so that you can decide in what way to take action. During this phase, Mars will be affecting your sense of self and the beliefs that you hold about life and even yourself.

This is a time for you to be more authentic in your own self and to start creating change that helps you feel like your external life is more aligned to who you have become. There is no sense in living a life that does not truly feel like yours, and this is the start of you being able to make any dream your reality.  

2. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

Gemini is your opposing zodiac sign which means anytime this energy is highlighted it throws the focus onto your romantic relationships. Gemini represents duality and the options and possibilities that exist in life, but especially love. In utilizing this energy realize that it is not about which particular person or partner you choose but rather what life it is that you want to create.

Different people unlock different types of life. So, before you go and start making any decisions, focus and reflect on what you want to create for yourself, then you will be more apt to have your romantic decisions reflect that. Overthinking your romantic life is not new but having this focused amount of energy towards achieving change is.

You are operating with a different clarity than you have previously had which makes all the difference, just make sure to recognize that you no longer are who you were which means it is time to get down to create a life, and relationship, which reflects all your growth.  

3. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

Mars is your ruling planet, in Gemini though, it spotlights the opportunity for you to get clear on what your thoughts are and helps you communicate in the most effective ways. Gemini rules this area of your life which includes how you think about things and then the conversations that you have.

Mars is still on fire though, even in Gemini, which means that there is definitely a determination to figure things out and start taking action. The next seven months are incredibly important for you, and while there is no rush to take action, there is an essence of making sure that you are taking advantage of what the universe is gifting you right now.

Reflect on what it feels like you have been overthinking recently and instead of allowing your mind to go in circles, trust your first initial thought. Take this and then create an action plan around it, even if it is only step by step. You do not need to share all your plans with everyone but making sure that those involved know your own truth will be imperative to making it happen.  

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