Overthinking Kills Your Happiness & Turns You Into Selfish A**hole

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Why Overthinking Kills Your Happiness And Makes You Selfish

Stop thinking. Seriously.

Sometimes you're happy and nothing can ruin it, like when you find $20 on the ground and use it to by an ice cream cone. 

Other times, your happiness is fragile and can literally be destroyed by seeing a Facebook post.

It all depends on how much time you allow yourself to spend inside your head. 

One minute you're just scrolling, not a care in the world, when you stumbled upon a photo of your high school buddies out together at a bar.

Nobody called you, and it's not even like you would have gone. Jessica was there and you hate Jessica, but still Kevin made it in and you thought the two of you were pals. Then you wonder how many times these hangs WEREN'T Instagrammed.

Maybe they've been leaving you out for years.

You picture them together, sipping on margaritas on the beach watching the sunset when someone says "Hey, how come we never invite Emily out?"  Kevin responds, "Oh dude I thought she died."

And before you know it you're crying alone over a bucket of ice cream because you've convinced yourself that all your friends have forgotten about you. 


In reality (a place in which apparently, we do not live when we get in these zones), nobody called you because it was Kevin's birthday and you haven't talked to Kevin in like two years. Who's the asshole now? 

Scenarios like the one above happen all the time when you're prone to overthinking. Not only are you spending the majority of your time freaking out over things that aren't real or haven't happened yet, but you're also being a lousy friend/girlfriend/daughter/employee/whatever other titles you identify with. 

Overthinking kind of makes you a terrible person. 

When you spend all your time worrying about things "happening to you," you neglect the problems and lives of everyone else in your life. Example: the time you spent worrying about if everyone was still friends with you could have been spent being a better friend. 

Helping other people is the best way to combat overthinking. 


So if you find yourself wallowing over a thought that turned into a story that turned into you having a sobfest, try the following steps: 

1. Call someone. 

It could be your mom, your sister or your third grade teacher. 

2. Ask them about their life. 

Go beyond the simple "how are you," and really dig in to what's going on with them.

3. Fucking listen. 

Shut off your brain for like 20 minutes and listen to what the other person is telling you. 

When you're unhappy, the quickest route to happiness is focusing on how to make someone else happy.*

*This article is not meant for people suffering a real mental illness. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, etc., seek the opinion of a medical professional.