The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Today brings certain zodiac signs an incredibly good fortune when it comes to love and relationships, as we will see something in our partners today that not only makes us smile, but has the potential to change our lives for the better.

Our most lovable transit, today, is Moon square Venus, and it is here to shine the light on the one we love.

While our love for this person might make us feel weak at times, we might get to enjoy that vulnerable side today. Sometimes, being strong is just burdensome; and today takes the pressure off us and allows us to dive into defenselessness.

On August 3, with the Moon square Venus in our sky, many of us will give ourselves the gift of vulnerability. There is always such pressure to be the strong one, the mighty and fearless leader ... and yet, there's never any push towards being meek, or vulnerable.

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And in romance, it's important to experience both sides of the coin, meaning, it's nice to be vulnerable and small sometimes when we are with someone we love and trust. As nice as it is to be the comforter, it's equally as nice to be the comforted.

And so, today we'll have that opportunity to become small and meek. This is similar to being someone who gives all the time and never opens up to the idea of receiving; today allows us to receive.

The Moon square Venus is very close to our hearts and can transform us completely if we let it. Today we learn the vital lesson of giving and taking in relationships. Today we learn how to receive love.

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The three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on Wednesday, August 3, 2022:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You've come to realize that you can't always be the 'savior' of the relationship and that you've taken on way too much emotional strain; you need a break. Fortunately, you're in for one, and this will look like your partner taking over for a while. In this way, you'll be able to give yourself 'permission' to fall apart.

While that may sound dramatic, it's actually something you've needed; call it downtime or a nervous breakdown, it really doesn't matter.

What does matter is that you needed a safe space to just rest and there is someone in your life who is there for you to collapse on to?

It's nice; they take the pressure off and as you start to unwind in their love, you'll notice that there's no real urgent need to get back into control mode.

This is what it's like when Moon square Venus does its thing; it lets you know that you, too, are deserving of a break and that all is well in your world.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Stress is basically your middle name, and that can definitely take a toll on your health as well as on your love life. What's happened over the years is that you've started to identify with your stress as if it defines who you are, and in doing so, you don't let it go, not even for one second.

Thankfully, during the Moon square Venus, your partner will step in and give you the helping hand you've needed.

It's time to admit that you can't do this all on your own and that you would love to have a little assistance. It just so happens that your partner has been trying to relieve you of your stress, and they will let you know this today.

By the end of the day today, you will come to know what it's like to be comforted and held; you have nothing to worry about now. Your person is here to help you through this thing called life, and it's all good, Virgo.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Let's face the facts: all you really want is to be loved. And, sometimes, when you are being loved, you don't know you are because you are too obsessed with everything that isn't love.

You are a very pre-occupied person who doesn't let yourself have a rest, and what you need more than anything, right now, during Moon square Venus, is just that: rest.

Fortunately, you are partnered with someone who understands your wild mind and is there for you when you feel like you're on the brink of falling apart.

Know this, Pisces: You can fall right into the arms of the person who loves you, and you can trust that you are not going to be the burden you think you are.

It's all about giving and taking during this transit, and it's about time you learn how to receive. You can't always be the hero, the winner, or the champ; sometimes you have to leave that job for someone else.

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