The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their True Love During The Moon Square Jupiter On Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their True Love During The Moon Square Jupiter On Tuesday, June 28, 2022

True love. What does it even mean? Does it mean whirlwind romance, constant honeymoon, and nonstop gift giving? Is true love something that erases everyone else? What makes it 'true' as opposed to just ... 'love'? One thing we know for certain: true love is an ideal. 

However, just because it's an ideal doesn't mean we can't reach for it or have it. True love may be idealistic, but it certainly IS available to us, and during transits like the Moon square Jupiter, our chances of finding that true love are good.

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Sometimes, true love is the love we are in, right now, though time with that person may show us that we've forgotten how true this person is for us. And that is how it will show up today, during the Moon square Jupiter, as this transit helps us to see what is right before our very eyes.

Did we forget that the person we love is actually the love of our lives? Did we put them on the back burner and then just 'accept our fate' as people who love someone but feel very little towards them as time goes on? True love stares us in the face, and we cannot see it.



That is, until the Moon square Jupiter shines a very bright star beam down on our situation, where we find ourselves suddenly waking up from this mundane dream.

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And there they are, are true loves. Our partners. Our friends. We not only are finally able to see what we've lost, but we see that it's up to us to get it back, to participate in the gift we've been given.

The real gift that comes with true love is in being able to recognize it. It's not about the fairy tale; it's about the present moment. What we have NOW is what we are experiencing.

Let this transit, Moon square Jupiter, broaden our scope of vision as it sets free our hearts.

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These three zodiac signs will find their true love during the Moon square Jupiter on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

It's not a matter of hoping and praying that someday you'll find your true love; it's all about knowing that your true love is here and now and right in front of your face. If you open your eyes, you will see that what you have is exactly what you need, and even though you can't find perfection in your partner, you may just come to terms with the idea that there's no such thing as perfection and the love of your life is the person you are presently with.

They are your true love, and while this may come as a surprise to you, you will end up welcoming this thought into your life.

Doesn't it make sense, Cancer? The answer was there all along. It just needed the jolt of the Moon square Jupiter to make you see what's obvious. Your true love is the love you have right now. No need to look further. No need to idealize. Just live your life with your mate and be happy.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You've known all along: you are with the love of your life. It is this person who is your true love, and though the two of you have gone through hell and high water together, the love remains strong.

You have let go of the idea that love has to look a certain way, and in doing this, you set your heart free.

You don't work under false conditions; you know what's right and what's true, and you fully accept that relationships come with ups and downs.

During the Moon square Jupiter, this feeling of being able to see the big picture is strong; you are meant to be with the person you are with now, and if you put that aside for a while, it will be this transit that refreshes your memory. You are about to find your true love, Scorpio, and it comes in the form of your present partner, who shines like a bright light, thanks to your newly discovered perception.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Something will stir you up on June 28, with the Moon square Jupiter, and it will have you facing something you weren't sure of: the state of your love life. As times get harder and frustrations to grow, you are starting to realize that you have all you need right in front of your nose.

It's tempting to think there's 'someone else out there' for you, but what good does that do?

Sure, we all give ourselves over to fantasy, but here's the catch, Capricorn: your present life isn't as bad as you've made it out to be. In fact, if you think about it, you're doing better than most people.

And that includes your love life. Look at the person you are with! Did you expect a messiah or a superstar? Did you think that true love meant you'd end up with someone with magical powers? You are with a good human being who loves the blazes out of you; this is your true love. Run to them. Now.

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