The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Send Mixed Signals During The Sun Conjunct Mercury On Saturday, May 21, 2022

Not nice.

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Ah, nothing in the world like the confusion caused by people who send out mixed signals, especially when those signals seem to be romantic or flirty in nature.

The Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde means that we won't be able to know when we've crossed the line, as everything that is expressed during this transit tends to be bigger than it is.

If you have a crush on someone and you want to play it cool, you should do one of two things, right this very instant: go hide in a closet before you let anything out of your mouth, OR, expect the worst possible reaction to whatever it is that you say to this 'special' person, as we are about to blow it BIG TIME.


What's a mixed signal? It's when you hint at something over and over that something is very obvious in meaning, but you find out later that that's not how you meant it and that the person you said these words to took it the wrong way.

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So, if you continuously tell someone how gorgeous they are, they may just think you are flirting with them, and if you're not, be prepared to be confronted with your spoken words. If you've been giving out mixed signals, you need to own up to your words; don't speak falsehoods, especially if you're not going to back your words up with actions.

The Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde makes it the season of the 'blurred lines.' This means that for some signs of the Zodiac, we will be blurting with little caution, and assuming with very little knowledge.

We will be told to back off by people we want to impress, and we will impress people we want to back off. A day filled with mixed signals is a day that's best spent at home, in a vacuum.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Send Mixed Signals During the Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde On Saturday, May 21, 2022

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)


You really have no idea how caustic your humor is, Gemini, and while you hold tightly to the idea that "I'm only joking," you are also saying some truly bitter things and that tends to offend people — even if you're 'just joking.'

When someone asks you for directions and they are clearly nervous about which direction to take, try to avoid saying things like, "Just follow the sun," or "Take any of these roads. Eventually, you'll get there."

What you think is funny today is not only NOT funny, but it sets you up as someone that can't be trusted; if you can't withhold your smarmy attitude, then why would someone even want to bother being around you?

What you think is adorable and clever is actually hurtful and insulting; if you care about a person, choose to treat them kindly before you dip into your bag of insults and condescending slurs. You may be sending out mixed signals during the Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde, but all the receiver will understand is that you're being insensitive.


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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

It may be time for you to stop asking for explicit photos from a total stranger on social media, especially if that person is someone you've befriended and has come to trust you. If all you want is to see this person in the most intimate way, then say it.

Don't make them think that you are interested in them as a person; you're not. You simply want to use them for your secret fantasies. The problem is, they don't know this. You've been unfair to them; you pretend that you are their friend, but you keep on bringing in this intense element, and it's started to make them feel very uncomfortable.


Can you keep the lust out of the friendship or is this your eternal goal? Get photos, humiliate friends, make them think you care, and then get more nudes from them. Can't you just back off a bit, Cancer? You're starting to look like a lecherous fiend. Get real or stop giving out these mixed messages.

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3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You don't know what you want during the Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde, as you spew platitudes, only to take them back a few minutes later. Today brings plenty of opportunities for regretful actions, and as you toss around your powerful statements, like, "You're dead to me," and "Don't ever contact me again," you'll find yourself retracting those words almost as soon as they leave your lips.


You set out to hurt today; there are no gray areas. You want people in your life to know that you are the boss, the king, the ruler of all things, and while this attitude makes people giggle, you have to admit that you asked for this.

If you think that saying the meanest, cruelest, worst things possible is the only way to have an impact, then understand that these messages may just turn on you. You can't tell a person, "You're dead to me" and expect that they won't take it seriously. If you're up for getting rid of friends, then the Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde will aid you in that ambitious move.

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