The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During The Moon Conjunct Mercury Starting May 2, 2022

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zodiac signs whose relationships fall apart during moon conjunct mercury may 2 2022

Disruption is the order of the day, and with the rebellious energy that always comes along with Mercury transits, especially those with lunar associations, we can know with certainty that any day that contains a transit like Moon conjunct Mercury will be one where trouble will be found.

This is the time when people disagree in business, in family life, on matters of health and most especially in areas of love and romance. If your relationship has been balancing on a thread, this may just be the day where that thread snaps.

One of the factors that really and truly affects this day the most is that we tend to act on impulse today, and things like speaking without thinking can really get us into hot water.

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And that is, of course, exactly what many of us will be doing; this is also what will create a situation of instant regret. During Moon conjunction Mercury, we will be telling someone off and instantly wishing we didn't go so far. But we won't be able to help it; it's as if we need a muzzle to stifle the BS that comes out of our mouths, which, once it's out, will make it all 'too late.'

Chalk one off for the rebel. This is the day where we learn that being the rebel isn't as cool or glam as you thought it might be when you envisioned yourself with a Hollywood CGI backdrop, telling your loved on off in so many poetic ways.

When reality hits and you're standing there in your underwear with an oatmeal encrusted spoon in your hand, you'll second guess your ability to deliver irrevocable insults with style. What you'll end up doing, instead, is cracking the relationship in half, so that there's no way to mend it ever again.

If you're a Virgo, Libra, or an Aquarius, it's not going to be easy on Monday.

Here's what's happening to the three zodiac signs whose relationships fall apart during the Moon conjunct Mercury starting May 2, 2022.

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You may not want to admit it but the relationship that you've known for a long time now that's been falling apart is about to fall apart for good.

That was something you weren't counting on, however. You got used to being in a relationship where all you ever did was fight, disagree and then just accept that this is the way it is.

You are also the one who constantly pushes it to the brink, but you've counted on the fact that it never really crumbled; it just stays in a state of 'bleh', going nowhere, but never falling apart. You and your mouth will change all that today, when you decide to let your partner in on something you swore you'd never admit to: your affair.

You cheated, you couldn't care less about the person you cheated with, and because of that, you assume that your partner won't care either. Well guess what? Moon conjunction Mercury has you slated to suffer for this move, as your partner will pick up and leave you in the dust for your inconsiderate move. Might be time to stay silent, Virgo. Silence is golden, in this case.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Because you are independent and honor your own individuality, you've always enjoyed playing the part of the rebel. You like to set up boundaries right at the start with love relationships; you let them know that you cannot be owned, nor do you ever wish to be. You detest possessive, jealous behavior and you let your partner know that you won't tolerate it.

So, when Moon conjunction Mercury has you feeling all rebellious and forthright, your partner will express to you their true feelings, and they, in no uncertain terms will be telling you that you are full of sh*t.

Enough is enough with your rules, they will say, as they condemn your way of life and call you a fraud for being so cold and fake. Your partner will accuse you of being immature and unable to give love, and as they leave you, you may just wonder if anything they've said is true. Ah, food for thought, eh, Libra?

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You are supremely affected by Mercury transits and with Moon conjunction Mercury, you'll buy into some lie that you've created that you justify by believing in. Your lie, this time, will revolve around this idea that your partner doesn't can will never understand you.

While that sounds pretty self-pitying, you choose to walk away from trying to make an effort. You are so wrapped up in Mercury self-pity that you feel you are entitled to a tantrum, which totally turns your partner off — enough that they make a flying beeline for the door to get away from your ornery, disgruntled, self-serving a**.

You just want things to go your way and you have no sense of compromise; you feel like you can treat people like dirt and call it your 'right to be myself.'

This desire to remain true to yourself is all well and good until that desire turns into cruel words and defensive tones; this is the day you lose the person who believed in your most, and you'll lose them because you can.

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