3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On January 28, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On January 28, 2022

The Sagittarius Moon transits today alongside a Mercury-Pluto conjunction will give three zodiac signs who will have a great day on January 28, 2022, insight into what needs to be dealt with in a mature and responsible way before being able to take that next step towards our dreams.  

While the Moon is in Sagittarius, we are prompted to look at things from a more philosophical perspective.  

We’re focused on the future but also on looking at the meaning of the situations that we have in our lives because we understand that there is a purpose for them and that likely they represent a lesson we must move through.  

Our ongoing Venus Uranus trine is peaking today just a day before Venus Rx turns direct encouraging us to look at what we need to let go of or shed in order to make space for the new.  

This isn’t short-lived energy but rather the gradual building of the realization that we can’t remain where we are and still grow.  

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The aspects that our Sagittarius Moon makes during the day add an interesting component to the energy prompting us to be more sensitive but also responsible in our approach, specifically when it comes to relationships.  

In the early morning hours, our Moon will sextile Saturn in Aquarius helping us focus on the areas of our lives that need the most attention which for many right now thanks to Venus Rx are our relationship. But rather than just focusing on them, we’re asked to approach them with greater maturity and responsibility.  

This is the end of game playing in love and instead is all about trying to step up to the uncomfortable or challenging moments.  

Later in the afternoon, we move through the energy of our Sag Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces which increases our sensitivity and empathy.  

This allows us to be able to remain grounded in our emotions but yet not necessarily act from them.  

Also occurring today and tomorrow is the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which is going to add intensity to our conversations as well as help us deal with those pieces of ourselves and feelings that we may have been trying to avoid.  

All of this is part of a bigger lesson that when something or someone is placed on our path for a purpose, ultimately avoiding dealing with it is not an option.  

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 28, 2022 


(November 22 - December 21) 

It seems that the universe is challenging you today to step out of your normal pattern of reaction and instead grow into a more mature way of handling situations. At times you can be avoidant more than other zodiac signs because you don’t always like the reality check those uncomfortable moments present, either about how things truly are or even the truth of your part in them.

But to be able to truly take pride in the person that you are and feel confident in creating the life that you dream of you have to be able to deal with what’s in front of you instead of putting it off. The thing is that when you do this the universe will reward you.

Whether it’s realizing that things weren’t as bad as you had imagined or having things take a completely different direction, the outcome will be positive and beneficial. But first, you have to deal with them.

This is thanks to the Moon in Sagittarius transits today. First as a sextile to Saturn and then through a square to Neptune. Don’t be afraid of your feelings as they truly help will lead you forward, just make sure you’re not trying to skip over important steps along the way.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

The energy surrounding you lately has been intense, but it doesn’t mean that things are necessarily going bad in your life, only that you keep having opportunities arise to help you speak the truth. This can be your true feelings on a matter or even just those that you don’t tend to share because of fear or even thinking that they aren’t relevant.

As part of this new chapter in your life where you’re spending your energy on things that invest theirs in you, you’re realizing that in order to create that you need to be honest about how you’re feeling.

This includes yourself as well. Today’s energy, especially with Mercury conjunct Pluto in your sign, may bring some new understanding of a situation, especially one where power may be a component. It may have to do with your career or even a romantic relationship.

Power is defined in these dynamics as the feeling of control. In the healthiest situations, the power is shared, even in workplace interactions. If one person feels overly powerful or even powerless it will throw off the balance of the situation.

Today try to reflect on your own sense of power and if it does feel unbalanced, if it’s because of others or because you have given yours away. We can always call our power back to us but can’t do that until we’ve acknowledged the truth of the situation.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

You’ve been feeling lighter recently as you’ve entered your solar return and an increase in more air energy being present. But we still have a great deal of planets in Capricorn which means that it’s time to use that lighter feeling to also take on the work these planets are asking you to.

Today’s sextile between the Sagittarius Moon and Saturn in your sign will really ask you to step up. This will mean first looking at yourself and the way in which you approach situations and then reflecting on how others have handled them with you.

Today’s transit asks us to approach things from a more emotionally responsible place. This doesn’t mean leaving emotions out of it but only being more reflective in how we express them rather than being impulsive or even avoidant. But this will also draw your attention to whatever needs to be figured out or felt in your life.

Think about what feels like it has a solid structure or foundation and then whether you’ve been nourishing it or giving it all it needs to continue. This will allow you to set yourself up stronger than before so that as you move through Venus turning direct in the coming weeks, it truly will be a brand-new chapter.  

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