3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love During Moon Square Saturn Starting January 25, 2022

The last straw.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love During Moon Square Saturn Starting January 25, 2022 Anete Lusina via pexels.com

Relationship problems tend to crop up during Moon square Saturn, and this is because we tend to resort to past thoughts and bad behavior while this transit looms above us. 

These are the days when we feel guilt or repressed emotion, there's a lot of baggage that many of us deal with, and during the Moon square Saturn, we can expect many unwanted emotions to rise up.

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We simply can't deal with romance at this point, and depending on which zodiac signs we fall under, we may even sabotage our own love lives in the process.

It's easy to fall out of love during Moon square Saturn because we fall out of love with ourselves...and when we can only see how bad we are, we have very little room in our hearts for the love of others.

Saturn basically stirs up bad memories and when we have the Moon square Saturn, we overthink those bad memories until we're practically catatonic.

This is not a good time to start a romance, and if we have any doubts about the one we are presently in, there's a major threat here. We will walk away from partnerships, and we might even slink into the dark for a while, licking our wounds.


3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love During Moon Square Saturn on January 25, 2022


(June 21 - July 22)

Not only will you be falling out of love with your partner, but you'll also be falling out with a friend as well. You will be consciously taking yourself out of the picture because as it stands, you don't feel mentally or emotionally stable enough to be with anyone.

Everything is on your nerves, but you can control how dark it gets by separating yourself from the people who you feel demand too much of you, like your lover, for instance.

You simply don't want to have to answer to anyone during Moon square Saturn because you don't feel anyone, including friends, cares or can possibly understand where you're coming from. Loneliness accompanies you during this transit, Cancer.


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(August 23 - September 22)

It's not that you are going to fall out of love with the person you are with, Virgo, it's that you are going to admit that you've been out of love with them for...eons. What this realization does to you is that it angers you and makes you feel stunted, stuck, unable to move.

Moon square Saturn adds to your frustration and makes you question your own judgment. How could you let this 'love affair' go on for so long, especially now that you know deep down inside that it's never going to get better?

Is it a matter of just biting the bullet and accepting that having a loveless love life is what destiny has in mind for you? Or is there a light in there, somewhere? You can find that light, Virgo, no matter what Moon square Saturn makes you think.


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(November 22 - December 21)

You're at that place in your life where if someone doesn't immediately show their true colors — you're out. You feel you are at the No Bull segment of your life where if you are in a romantic situation, it had better be romantic because you're not up for games.


Whatever you discover during Moon square Saturn will more than likely turn you off to whomever you are presently with. Falling out of love is only natural to you.

You're not into wasting your time anymore on people who prefer drama to cooperation. You need a tight ship if this thing is going to sail, and all you can see in the person you are with right now is someone who is there to use you, rather than to chip in with the emotional workload.

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